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How and Why I Joined Automated Income Systems Share The Number and How You Can Make Money Online With This Simple System

hey you guys it is bones Rodriguez and

I'm here with my sweet girl

papi joy a delight that Rodriguez and

for those who don't know me as I said my

name is bones Rodriguez and I'm an actor

author entrepreneur born and raised here

in New York City where I live with my

wife and two kids this is the new one

my son is napping now she's supposed to

be napping but she wanted to come hang

out so I said why don't I do it with her

and making this video those who are on

my list already you kind of know that

I'm all about helping people break

through some of our financial ideas and

and go on to new things and new

opportunities in that stuff I have not

had a day job in over 15 years right so

I've been able to be an actor and do all

sorts of stuff for the past 15 years

I've written books and done you know

kind of whatever all because of online

opportunities and online business and

been able to be with this one and her

three-year-old brother all the time

right which is awesome but I want to

tell you the story about how I came

across automated income systems I was

just scrolling through Facebook

and I saw a friend of mine had posted a

picture and it said Cole this phone

number with my promo code and I was like

we're supposed to be internet guys why

is he posting about a phone number

that's stupid no one's ever gonna let me

call that phone number oh my god I know

what out right so um I called and I use

this promo code hide rule and spit up

that's okay should I keep going or

should I cut that I'm gonna keep going

just because that's what you do new when

you're an adult when you're a parent

right fortunately keep these around so

um I called the phone number and use the

promo code and sure enough I was like oh

this is brilliant oh my gosh this is

brilliant it was like you could make all

this money right earn these commissions

and I was like well let me figure it out

and it came out to 87 percent

commissions on a digital product which

means you buy once and then you could

make Commission's unlimited amount right

so at the time it was a 15th the

tightest level was a 59 you can start

for you can start for free free members

can make money and now that was the

other thing that made me want to look

and then the hi

level was 1,500 and you earned $1,300

per sale now the highest is 1997 1997

dollars and you earn 1750 per sale can

1750 is that crazy

yeah that's crazy see even she knows

that's a good yeah that's a good number

she likes it too right um so I was like

well let me tell my people about this

but I didn't want to blast it outright

because I was I was like oh well are

people gonna be turned off that it's

sharing a phone number and so I did a

small test and people dug it right

people join for free couple people you

made sales while they were free and that

made them change their mind and in fact

this one kid man he was free and he made

the highest sale and he got some money

but I got a bunch which is even better

right I mean it's good for us right but

then I was like dude you have to hurry

up and upgrade and it's true he has a

total he's a big sales group now so it's

called automated income systems and the

reason why it's so awesome aside from

eighty percent eighty seven percent

commissions which is ridiculous and


is that what's the product right the

product is biz up leads what business up

leads yeah leads of people looking for a

business opportunity so if you're in any

other kind of business if you have

anything else to promote then you can

use the leads that you just got and you

can promote your business to them and

you can also tell them about share the

number right but here's the thing like I

started making other tools to use right

because people were kind of sharing the

number and sharing the website of course

there's a website online and Facebook

was like oh you know this is getting to

be too many people were using the same

web domain so I created my own and so

people on my team they get that occurred

to me that we started sharing a picture

of the phone number and sharing a

picture of promo code and stuff so I

said well well I just create share the

pic so my team is using share the pic

calm which means you can just upload any

picture and add your promo code to it

right and that's doing really well too

so go in for free

you go you'll see the whole of the whole

sales page and they'll tell you

everything that's awesome about it but

then you can go in and join them for

free so join it for free and once you're

there contact me either by email or if

you have my number or whatever no

actually email me and I will send you

all the different tools that we have

therefore a is I would show you the back

office right now and everything but I've

got this little baby my answer I'm gonna

go play with her I'm gonna post this so

you guys can check it out you'll see why

I'm sharing this thing and is there

anything else oh yeah so this what

you're watching now this video and and a

little opt-in below

that's something from my team only also

there's a whole done-for-you system over

there where when people opt-in they get

emails and there's contests that the guy

runs contests out of the Facebook group

the Facebook group is super fun

you know people win hundred bucks during

the day just for nothing and so I'm

really recommending that's why I'm doing

I'm recommending a is she had a number

for all my subscribers as an extremely

newbie friendly thing and as you know

you can join for free for 40 bucks

join for free or join the lowest level

at 40 bucks up to 2000 all right so

that's it

puppy joy do you like when we get those

big commissions you say yeah let's see

if didn't see seventeen hundred and

fifty bucks maybe it's just the siren we

live in New York

okay so opt-in below then join it for

free and then get all the information

you need and then get started man just

sharing a picture of sharing a phone

number you can do it anybody can do it

so talk too soon right

Proof of my success with Automated Income Systems "Share The Number" How Much Can You Make?

Here is a quick (kind of annoying) video I made with proof of getting paid with Automated Income Systems' Share The Number System:

All I did was share the number with my promo code, and then I started sharing it by sending the website out to people by text and email.

You can literally just post a picture on facebook, and let people do it all by themselves:

I prefer to send people a text when they sign up for free, and ask if they are going to make money online with us, or if they're just curious about how to make money online.

You can even use other people's sites, as long as you add your own promo code at the end:

That is by a guy named Justin Wilcox, and you can join from that site.

Get Started for free, and then upgrade to Double Diamond immediately- it's the best use of that money you'll ever get.

What Level Should You Join AIS and Share The Number?

hey what's up guys its bones Rodriguez

and I'm only making this live video so

that it records instantly so I don't

have to bother uploading it later but

let me tell you people often ask what

level should I join at in automated

income systems what will be the best

thing for me to make money with right

and you know I'm sure you immediately

even though think I'm gonna be like Oh

Double Diamond get that right now but

that's not necessarily the right choice

everybody but neither is engage right

neither is the beginning level because

that doesn't motivate anybody right

because what you want to do is join at

the level that motivates you enough to

do the work right so here's what I say I

joined a joint at the $1,500 level when

I first started cuz that was the highest

level van I I've just done it long

enough that I knew and the commissions

are crazy big enough that I knew that

was the right thing to do right joining

at the highest level was good because

the Commission's are ridiculous and all

you needed two sales of the same kind to

be in profit right but if I had joined

at like if I just wanted to test it out

and see how it was and if I had joined

it like the hundred dollar level I sent

out an email and I was like oh oh what's

up Daniel I sent him emails like oh you

know join this thing and I didn't get

any response for like two or three days

and I was like what and I know that had

I joined at like the hundred dollar

level I'd have been like may later

forget it I just thrown it away right

because I've been like who cares I lost

nine bucks I must move on right and I've

done it before right

and hello there Daniels and so but I

joined at the fifteen hundred dollar

level and I was not gonna lose fifteen

hundred bucks

do you know what I mean so I worked to

get that fifteen hundred back now here's

here's like the the crappy part of it

cuz I work to get that fifteen hundred

back and when I got to sixteen hundred I

was like okay good

sat back I like done relaxed right cuz

that was the crisis the crisis was to

get back that fifteen hundred

and then I got and then you know I

started MIT and I was like oh buzz work

some more and something I did right and

I just relax and let you know and then

oh right so I keep doing that so here's

where tell you join at the level above

the one that makes you nervous right

join it the one that's gonna make you

get it back okay join at the level that

makes you say no I cannot lose that and

for all the dudes who are like joining a

business and not telling your wife right

if you lose 100 bucks Eve like oh baby I

try to stay allows 100 bucks it's just

another thing for her to tell you that

you're a loser right I am right damn

bones but you know you put down a

thousand bucks you're gonna work to get

that back because you don't want to have

that conversation you don't want to have

that I lost a thousand bucks

conversation you can have that I'll have

one hundred but I lost 100 bucks

conversation you've had that before

right you don't want to have the I lost

$2,000 conversation that you can get

back there's no reason to lose it there

is none you just gotta promote it it's

the simplest thing in the world you just

promote the phone number you're just

gonna do it there's nothing difficult

about it's the easiest it's stupid

simple people are doing it all over the

internet that I had this 18 year old kid

made three big ass sales he was at the

beginning level dummy I mean thanks for

the commission I told him he made three

huge sales okay so um get join at the

level above the one that makes you

nervous and then go out there and make

sure you get it back people on my team

hook you up with some extra bonuses you

get a whole different site you get me

you get a strategy about texting people

texting which is super simple you get

all the leads and that's it that's I'm

not gonna you know promote myself here I

don't need to join the level above the

one that brightens you

click below talk to you soon bye

Frequently Asked Questions About Automated Income Systems "Share The Number", and Is It A Scam?

okay so why is automated income systems

share the number going viral and why is

it that people are jumping in but I have

found that there are people who like

jump in who get it and jump in and there

are other people who were like really

hung up on on a bunch of things and you

know originally I thought it was the

people who were hung up on any business

and they end up doing nothing right but

it's not so I'm here to explain what it

is that somebody didn't understand

someone was like well this is dumb

because you just buy in and then oh you

can make money and I'm like well you're

buying a product you look what's the

product I'm like you're buying lead

packages you buy lead packages now let

me tell you why

that's so brilliant because every home

business every person who has own

business everyone who's into biz ops

anyone who does any of that stuff who

does affiliate marketing their whole

thing is like well the kid gets turned

cuz I have no leads I don't want to tell

my friends and family so I have to get

leads and I have two BIOS and I don't

want to spend money on advertising the

thing you buy is leaves but I don't have

a business to sell to these bizarre

leads first of all you can send any

affiliate product you want to these

bizarre pleads to people who are

interested in business opportunities

second you can share the number with

them what yeah you're buying a pack like

you know you buy a package of leads and

you can email them you can friend them

on Facebook you can send a post cards in

the mail if you want right

I wouldn't that cost money some people

like doing that

I prefer direct the email and Facebook

you could just do that and those are

people who have raised their hand and

said they want information on business

opportunities now they're probably

inundated with them they might be you

know so the way you stay now is by being

a person and you can do that as as if

you start off if you're someone who like

understands that you can just email

people then you just do that right or if

you just want to

the number you can just share the number

with your password in your Facebook post

that's how I joined I joined because

some guy I know was like hey this is the

simplest business opportunity I've ever

seen call this number and use the

password and I was like callin number

what internet business opportunity has

to do with calling a number what is this

1992 you know is in sync around it is

instant gonna be on the other message so

I listened it was one minute it told me

what to do with the password and I was

like oh oh you know my mom who sends out

like email forwards from her buddies

from her baby boomer buddies right they

can just add the phone number at the

bottom of that right with the password

and it tells people what to do and again

when you buy a package of leads you are

then able to sell leads that is the

opportunity which is true of anything

somebody else was like oh you just buy

them and then you resell them I'm like

if you own a hot dog stand that's what

you do you buy the hot dogs from the

supplier and you sell them the customers

that's what you're doing so like you

know there's a lot of desire to like

find scams and some oh this fine

pyramids and find scams and stuff and

you know if if the only tool you have is

a hammer then everything looks like a


right and if you're uneducated or if you

don't know the ink just the like details

of home business or you know you're not

that way at all then you see everything

is the same thing and it's not right so

one simplicity to your buying leads of

of your buying leads which is what you

need for your business right and three

it's a one-time it's a one-time purchase

which I guess if you want you

by more leads right it's a one-time

purchase and then you have amazing

Commission's when you sell those same

packages at the diamond level which is

what I joined that like this it was a

no-brainer no-brainer to do that

it's a $1,500 purchase and then every

time you sell a diamond membership you

get $1,300 in commission unlimited

numbers of times you go on YouTube

you'll see other people who are like

doing really well with a is but make

sure you join with the password friends

go see don't just you know believe me if

you don't want go see I'm sure if you're

watching this on YouTube there's some

other people list is here right that's

say that a similar thing so people who

are on my team you know you know I hope

my people up I've get you get a for

website so it's a share the number for

the simplicity right for those of you

who want to just share a website right

you can use my code for that well you

know if you're a member then you can get

that by email and it's a foresight thing

with videos and understanding I guess

I'll may I'll use this to help people

understand what it is they're looking at

you're looking at the opportunity and

it's stupid simple which is a good thing

the opportunity that the new biasts of

newbies says they want right you can

join for free and you know I hate saying

this you can make sales for you can make

sales for free right like you like you

join for free and if somebody buys

something then you make money but that's

frankly it's for losers it is it's for

losers why would you do that when the

starter level is only $100 and you get

like 10,000 business leads why would you

do that you're like I'm not gonna spin

you know there's like this thing of like

well I'm gonna be in business but

they're not gonna get me I'm gonna make

sure that I get other people there's

that kind of mentality where I don't

want to get gotten but I'm gonna do this

to get and that's where you're wrong you

know when you're in it

by tons of look at my life look at my

ridiculous library and I get rid of

stuff all the time

when you are in the industry you buy

stuff and then you sell stuff too cuz

that's what businesses it's buying and

selling and money moving around it's

called a currency like electricity it's

supposed to move and I'm only yelling at

you who are watching this by the way

because I know where I was ten fifteen

years ago right I was just like that

that and I still have to sometimes fight

it right

in fact if I'm perfectly honest I joined

as a free member right to see what the

deal was cuz how could this be so simple

but then it took like an hour you know

and and yes the back office is matt is

not with oh so professional-looking on

that but it was less before it just

keeps getting better because it is

moving and growing and people are

joining in the meantime other guys are

trying to sell you on other stuff right

pay attention pay attention if you are

buying then you can sell and my wife and

children are home and so I'm gonna end

this video now here they come

and you guys look at and mother-in-law

well sounds like somebody's upset about

something so I'm gonna go but that a lot

of you guys sound like that about

business opportunities alright so I'll

talk to you soon and go get started go

get started and if you have questions

after you get started

email me I'll send you all a bunch of

support stuff alright

WHY choose Automated Income Systems "Share The Number" and Make Money Online Easily?

so my wife has asked me a question we're

over here it's Christmas time you know

and she is over there excuse her we have

two children so whatever there are toys

everywhere right but she asked me a

question about why there are ruffle

butts ruffles on the butts of all babies

see now they baby girls baby girls this

is our baby girl look at my cute baby

girl I know I know you're you you called

for information but this is my baby girl

baby pie oh my god so she asked me what

that why there are ruffles on the butts

of baby's clothing which is not asking

me but I'm answering because that's what

I do

the answer is because people buy it

that's why it's there because people buy

it now you might say if it weren't there

would you buy it

I'm sure there is clothing out there

without ruffles on the butts but guess

what the woman asking me that question

bought several pairs of ruffle but for

her daughter things or somebody else

bought them and and we got them as

hand-me-downs or you did buy one so

there you go anyway they're okay even

better there were not there were not non

ruffle ones available so you know what

she did she bought the ones that were

available right she didn't go to another

store you she was on the Internet

there is anything you want to buy is

available but it was cyber monday so and

the cyber monday deals so she bought

ruffle butt baby clothing so why am i

why am I making a video about this when

the title for this is automated income

systems and share the number because

some people get you know they want to

have a business online and you know what

it's sometimes people care what it is

somebody don't care they just want to

make some money right and there are some

people who say they want to make money

but every single opportunity they've

seen has got to be a scam of some sort

guess what those people don't want to

make money

those people don't want an internet

business it's like people who say oh I

want to lose weight this year and then

they're on the couch eating ice cream

all day those those people don't really

want to lose weight right the people who

want to lose weight they go to the gym

or eat better or do something right but

so how does automated income system work

why is this here's the reason I'm

talking about that all that is because

there is nothing simpler online you

share the phone number with your promo

code people go to the website and they

buy lead packages if they want to make

some money they buy lead packages and

then there are they're able to make

Commission's by sharing the number

letting other people buy the same kinds

of lead packages it's the simplest thing

there is and what Sally package a lead

package is it's like a database I want

to say database but it's like a list of

people who are leads who have indicated

that they want to make money from home

so what am I gonna do with these people

understand here's what you do you shared

the phone number with your promo code to

people who want to make money who say

they want to make money and guess what

the people who do they will call the

number using promo code go to the site

and they'll buy or not and you know why

people buy it because it's available you

know why it's available do you know why

people are making thousands of dollars a

day do you know why I got a $488 payment

and you know and I woke up to one do you

know why when I joined my the dude who

posted a picture of the phone number got

thirteen hundred dollars from me I never

talked to him by the way I went on the

side I went on I called the number I

went on there and I paid fifteen hundred

like this boom he made 13 hundred do you

know why because people buy it

same with ruffle but if you want to get


if you want to get into baby clothes

business and someone says great spy

selfies ruffle but baby clothes the

person who doesn't want to make money

says why do people buy ruffle but things

the person who does says great these

sell I'm selling them now end of


do you know why these these stupid

things do you know why these have sold

millions and millions and millions

because people buy them and people who

want to make money buy them wholesale

and sell them retail and that's why they

make money with them does that make


do you hear my I don't know if you're

gonna pay if you can hear my daughter

she's making noise she's what she's

saying is he's right everybody because

she's bad daddy's little girl you guys

only wanted to talk to me you want to

see Mikey baby again right so here's the

answer here's what you do in automated

income systems you join you upgrade as

far as you can the upgrade to the level

that makes you uncomfortable enough

that'll make you want to do it see if I

had join for 100 bucks I'd have been

like a week later I've been like hey I

even told my wife this cuz like I set up

I sent a thing to a bunch of people and

none of them joined and I was like what

but I spent fifteen hundred bucks

I wasn't laying fifteen hundred bucks go

you know if I had spent one hundred I've

been like a move on to something else

who cares much to my wife's degrading

right but that's why I spend a lot so

that I motivate myself to get it back

right maybe and here's the other reason

for motivation cuz we got a three months

old baby

oh come on now you guys how cute is she

hey baby girl hey should be so they buy

so they buy a lead package from share

the number and then go out and share the

number what do you think


she's thinking about it how about you do

you would you share would you call the

number and using a promo code and then

buy a $1,500 Deepak

Automated Income Systems FOR DUMMIES- Review, FAQ. Scam report

I was just watching an episode of STRANGER THINGS (no spoilers), someone decides to tell a story that is a little MORE BELIEVABLE than the truth.

In other words- The Truth was too unbelievable to believe.

And that's why you're reading this right now because you want to know if Automated Income Systems is a Scam, and so you need a "Share The Number Review" before you trust your own two eyes.

And there are "reviewers" out there whose ENTIRE BUSINESS PLAN is to tell you that EVERYTHING IS A SCAM except for their thing (Ahem... "Wealthy affiliate"), and they will even lie about little details so you join their thing instead.

Doesn't that SUCK?

But here's the way to BEAT THE SYSTEM and find out for yourself if it's a scam, or a scheme, and DO YOUR OWN DAMN REVIEW:

Join for FREEEEEEEEEEE- and ask in the facebook group, all the questions you want.

When you do, you will find what I said before-  The Truth was too unbelievable to believe.

And it made me think about AIS' Share The Number system because really- all you do is share a number with your password?

You see, just by dialing the phone number
1-618-355-1121 and use the password "friends" 
you are supposed to be able to make money, and it's just too simple for people to believe, so I have fully explained the process here.

Most people realize that in business, you need to sell something, right?

That's how money works.

So, when people dial the number, they are given some instructions and to use the password. When they do, they are offered something to buy- because that's how you make money- when people buy things.

But here's the part that is UNBELIEVABLE.....

When you buy something at the HIGHEST level, you get the HIGHEST commissions.

And the level of commissions is RIDICULOUS.

It is a level that is almost like getting ALL of your money back with your first sale!

But here's the best part...

You are buying LEADS!!

Yes- LEADS of people who are interested in buying the very thing you are selling!!

And guess what?

They want a way to make money that is SIMPLE.

Once you join with the AIS and STN system... you HAVE something simple to offer them!


Of course, you can offer them other affiliate products, like a blogging course, or another business opportunity, or some internet tools that offer the ability to build a business.

SO... follow the process...

And now, there's even a way for you to go directly to a website and get started too.

Because it's the internet, and some people want to do it that way too!

You can use the web version too:

It's Back for 2022! Share The Number!

Wow! I am so super-pumped to announce that we were able to RESURRECT the SHARE THE NUMBER opportunity! I had been BUGGING Don for a long tim...