Friday, April 20, 2018

How Does It Work? Automated Income Systems and Share The Number How It W...

you can make up to 1750 up to 3000 bucks

to the 1300 1750 a thousand three

thousand bucks just by sharing a phone

number and a promo code sounds crazy

right how does that work here's how it

works and it's brilliant by the way it

is brilliant it is a done-for-you system

called automated income systems also

known as share the number where you

share the phone number six one eight

three five five eleven twenty one with

your promo code curiously you can make a

sign you've probably seen the sign

already or somebody just posted it in

their Facebook or post it on their

Instagram or whatever and here's how it


you dial a phone number there's a

1-minute message from John J valine he's

like people all over the country are

making money off to 1750 or 3000 bucks

just by sharing the phone number and

promo code yes the phone number you're

just listening to something like that

right and then he tells you to go to

share the number dot-com and enter your

promo code so you go to the web and go

to share the number comment enter your

promo code but wait a minute bones why

did I go from the web to the phone just

to tell me to go back to the web that's

the beauty of it that is the unique

selling proposition that's the thing

that makes it unique that's the thing

that caught your eye

that's why do people just share that

share the website absolutely I do it -

did I make other sites - also just send

people - absolutely

but the unique selling proposition the

reason people buy it is because it is

simple to share a phone number in a

promo code that sounds more it sounds

easier to do then share your website

with others because you've heard share

your website with others all over the

place you've heard that you haven't

heard share a phone number with your

promo code that's why it's brilliant

that's why it works

that's why people buy and

that's why people join because they can

do that okay anyway so they go to the

web they put in their phone number there

their promo code and it takes them to a

simple page with three videos that

explains the whole thing the the first

video is a bunch of testimonials I'm on

it and like at like 2 minutes and 20

seconds um of people that who have made

a lot of money using the system the

second is what the system is its buying

biz op leads leads are people who are

interested in a business opportunity

yeah so people who are interested in the

business opportunity you're buying a

package of leads of them so people who

have requested information from various

ads out there that John has and their

name phone number and email address you

know they have requested information

about a business opportunity so you buy

these lead packages that's what you're

buying and it has a huge Commission on

it in some cases like ninety percent

eighty nine percent okay why am i buying

that what is that what is that well

you're buying it for two reasons your

one buying it because it's a valuable

thing to have because you can promote

all sorts of business opportunities

including automated income systems and

share the number to that group of people

which is a huge reason to buy that

should have if that if that if you

didn't just say oh okay then you're

missing something but the second reason

is you buy it because people buy it you

buy it to sell it just like if you own a

hotdog stand you buy hot dogs in order

to sell hot dogs

you buy the license to resell John's

visit leads in order so that so that you

can sell them okay I wrote a book for

Simon and Schuster they bought the

rights to that book from me so they can

sell the book okay

if you're listening for like something

wrong if you're like well you're just

buying it just to sell it yes that's

what you do in business okay so you buy

it you buy it you pay the admin free to

John you pay the enroller the affiliate

their fee and you go on and you go share

the number with your promo code and you

make can make up to $3,000 a sale so

click below go to share the number

system comm you can join for free so no

it's not a scam you can join for free

and go look around and find out that's

what most people do anyway you kind of

have to and get all the information you

need and that's it that's how it works

you share the phone number it says would

you like to make some money call this


use this promo code they call the number

it sends them to a website they use your

promo code just like you did sign up

find out what the business opportunity

is and they buy or they all they join

for free and get more information and

eventually buy or they don't and you

make up to $3,000 per sale oh is it work

yes go to the Facebook group see the

testimonials mine at 2:20 and get with

it it's awesome it's it's a fantastic

thing so just join get the information

join for free that's how it works yeah

that is how it works if you're like you

didn't tell me how it works yes I did

yes I did okay bye

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