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Recently, I came across a friends facebook timeline, and it was just a simple message:

"Can You Make Money By Just Sharing A Phone Number?"
Password: "Friends"

I was like "What? He's an INTERNET marketer... why would he be talking about dialing a PHONE number? That's Dumb!"

But then curiosity got the better of me... and I called.

I was ready to listen to some cheesy 20 minute sales pitch, but instead, it was a ONE-MINUTE message, which gave me some directions, and that's when I realized how BRILLIANT the idea is.

Because ANYONE can dial a phone number, and follow directions.

You see, as a person who helps people make money online, I know that one of the hurdles for new people is their ability to set up websites, and capture pages, and email autoresponders, etc, etc, etc.

But even when they get a "done for you" system, it's the TRAFFIC that really gets people.

Newbies refuse to pay for it, and they ALSO aren't willing to do the work of posting and disseminating their links out into the internet enough to get results.

If they would just DO that, they can get results.

But most won't do either of those

But ANYONE can share a phone number, along with a password.

And the second best part?

The product is LEAD PACKAGES.

LIsten again.


And leads are the very thing that new people don't get.

No matter what your business opportunity, you need leads of people who are looking for a business opportunity, right?

But THIS business opportunity SELLS the very thing you need!

That means two things:

1- You can buy one of these lead packages and then promote your business opportunity to these leads (if you have one), and:

2- You can buy one of these packages and PROMOTE Automated Income Systems' Share The Number business opportunity to them!

That's the brilliance.

Now, some people will think "pyramids" and "Scam" and whatever other non-understanding BS they want.

When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

So, when you have no understanding of business, you think everything is a pyramid scheme or some scam or "too good to be true".

Now that this Share The Number system is going viral, people will wake up out of their skepticism.

Literally people getting paid thousands just for sharing the phone number, just like my big-deal internet marketing friend did.

Just Share The Number- 1-618-355-1121,
with the password "Friends"

So, I jumped in.

I have been helping people make money with the Share The Number System just by giving them pictures and how-to's to post and make money.

But here's the next part that makes this so smart.

It's only a one-time purchase.

Most biz opps require some sort of monthly subscription of "autoship" that gives you residual income month after month.

But since this opportunity has a high-ticket option, people are getting paid thousands NOW instead of waiting for several months to make their money.

I joined at the Diamond level Immediately (a complete no brainer for me) because I understood that I didn't want to leave money on the table.

and I bought 500,000 leads!

Do you know what you can do with that many leads?

And do you know that when someone bought the Diamond package that I got $1300 instantly? OMG, that was a great feeling!

So- the question is- Is it a scam? Nope. Will some people tell you it is a scam so that they can sell you on their great new thing? Absolutely.

Who do you believe?

Well, here's your answer- You can join Automated Income Systems Share The Number system for free, and log into the back office yourself and find out.

You;ll see a fantastic training called "101 Ways To Share The Number" which will give you ALL the training you could ever need or want,. but the truth is that you don't need it!

Remember- when I saw the post from my friend, I bought the Diamond level, which gave him a $1300 commission just for posting a phone number on facebook!

So- the REAL question isn't "Is Share The Number a Scam" or "Is Automated Income System a Scam?", but...

Can YOU share a number?

So- Call 1-618-355-1121 with the password "Friends" or...

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