Saturday, March 24, 2018

The Lemonade Stand Secret To Making Money Online

hey you guys it is bones and I told you
that I would tell you the lemonade
secret to big money online and the
lemonade stand a secret because I like
to take big ideas and kind of make them
simple so people understand
I find that when you understand things
it's much easier to take action on them
and less much easier to feel empowered
to do so right a lot of people get
involved in internet business or
business in general but not really
understanding things I know I didn't
when I first got in I kind of thought
money came from the sky I had didn't
really get it right and but now I
understand that money's only made by
trading something of value for money
right and so the lemonade stand secret
to big online money I made this up
obviously and it's a secret that kind of
when you think about any business it's
kind of I like to say you thinking about
a lemonade stand or I like to talk about
a vending machine right because either
one of those is lemonade stand you're
there physically doing something and and
a vending machine the machine is doing
it well in this case I could I could
probably make it for a vending machine
but I want to talk about the lemonade
stand in this case and here it is okay a
lemonade stand works well when you can
put it in front of a lot of people on a
hot day when people want it right it
does not work well on in the winter a
lemonade stand does not work well in the
winter maybe a hot chocolate stand would
work well in the winter right but you
get the idea that you're providing
something that people in particular are
going to want there's a lemonade stand
work well in a ski lodge probably not
maybe during the summer it does right so
I want you to really understand and
here's another thing about the lemonade
stand it's not about whether you like
lemonade or not and it's not about
whether you think you have the best
lemonade I will only have a lemonade
stand if I get the best lemons and the
best sugar and the best ratio because
that isn't up to you
right so somebody might like you know
powdered lemonade and some people like
fresh-squeezed but it's not up to you
it's up to your customers so a lot of
people will get in an online business
and be like I want the best online
business the best and there's no such
thing now there are things that are
better than others in certain areas
there are things that have different
features and things for me I prefer an
online business with digital products
because I prefer buying the rights one
time and continuing to get paid for it
that I like that rather than buying low
and selling high
I prefer digital products because they
have a huge profit margin right if
you're selling you know wellness
products if you're selling vitamins or
whatever those vitamins have a cost that
the digital products do not have they
have a value but they don't have a cost
okay so I've paid thousands of dollars
for a digital product that costs almost
zero to make if that makes sense
okay so that's why I prefer to be in
that business so when you're deciding on
what kind of business you want for an
online business stop thinking about
whether you want to buy it or not
because you are not necessarily the
customer right what you should be
thinking about is is this something that
sells and if it does I want to sell it
okay so on another video I've made about
a is I mentioned fidgets spinners right
so what the hell values visit fitted
spinners nothing Huna is just this thing
that spins right but I know people were
buying them so because people were
buying them stores sold them that's why
they sold them they didn't sell them
because they wanted the best spinners
they sold spinners because people bought
them right so if you have a hungry
market if there's a hungry market out
there something that's necessary people
need it and our people are buying it a
you should find out if you can sell it
makes sense now recently I came across
something and I recognize it like well
you know this is cool for me sure but
people will buy this because people need
and want this therefore I'm going to
sell it and so people on my list you
know if you're here to learn from me
then take this as a huge huge lesson if
you're here just to like oh I want to
buy stuff and and and this says it's
gonna make money so I'm gonna buy this
then you know that's another thing and
great to continue to buy stuff from me
but my purpose in giving you things to
buy or things that you can make money
with things that you can profit with so
if I send you an email about a cool new
opt-in thing you know a cool new opt-in
trick software that costs 20 bucks get
it it's 20 bucks and it's worth if it
helps you get a couple more opt-ins to
get a couple more sales than boom then
you want that that makes sense if I send
you an opportunity that sounds too good
to be true but a lot of people are
jumping in it don't ask yourself if it
sounds too good to be true
ask yourself oh are people jumping in
this or people buying this thing cool
then I can sell this thing you
understand the the value in whatever is
that people are buying it so if you have
a lemonade stand
right and it's hot outside and there are
thirsty people then have a lemonade
stand then buy a lemonade stand so you
can sell lemonade okay so that's the big
secret instead of asking when you see
when you see something online or
whatever if you're going to kiss
especially in online business if you're
a specially for on my list cuz I only
talk about digital stuff I never send
out a product based thing your thought
is not do I want to buy this it's is
this something that if I buy it I can
some people actually write me they're
like hey this this software says it'll
help you get a couple you know some some
leads and it's seven bucks should I get
this it's like well how much are leads
worth to you like if you got if it
helped you get leads how is that not
worth seven dollars you know I mean so
here's and here's the end of this here's
the end here's where this is not a pitch
but this is something that I feel is
hugely in demand it is in demand and
people are buying it it's um it's the
link below
it's the link below and and instead of
telling you all about it hopefully I've
prepared you to see it with different
eyes that's what this video is for okay
click below and don't ask yourself if
it's something that you are going to use
and is every feature something I want
don't ask that the question you asked is
oh do people want each of these figures
features do people want some of these
features enough to buy it and then you
say well how many people are - oh a lot
of people are using this oh I guess I
should sell it because the thing comes
with resale rights
it comes with resale rights that is
humongous okay so this is that video and
I hope I hope in the next in the future
anything you're watching you get from me
or anywhere else you watch it with
different eyes now you see it with
different eyes keep that in mind it's
not do I want this thing it's does this
thing sell does this thing make money
okay but you soon

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