Saturday, February 24, 2018

Automated Income Systems FOR DUMMIES- Review, FAQ. Scam report

I was just watching an episode of STRANGER THINGS (no spoilers), someone decides to tell a story that is a little MORE BELIEVABLE than the truth.

In other words- The Truth was too unbelievable to believe.

And that's why you're reading this right now because you want to know if Automated Income Systems is a Scam, and so you need a "Share The Number Review" before you trust your own two eyes.

And there are "reviewers" out there whose ENTIRE BUSINESS PLAN is to tell you that EVERYTHING IS A SCAM except for their thing (Ahem... "Wealthy affiliate"), and they will even lie about little details so you join their thing instead.

Doesn't that SUCK?

But here's the way to BEAT THE SYSTEM and find out for yourself if it's a scam, or a scheme, and DO YOUR OWN DAMN REVIEW:

Join for FREEEEEEEEEEE- and ask in the facebook group, all the questions you want.

When you do, you will find what I said before-  The Truth was too unbelievable to believe.

And it made me think about AIS' Share The Number system because really- all you do is share a number with your password?

You see, just by dialing the phone number
1-618-355-1121 and use the password "friends" 
you are supposed to be able to make money, and it's just too simple for people to believe, so I have fully explained the process here.

Most people realize that in business, you need to sell something, right?

That's how money works.

So, when people dial the number, they are given some instructions and to use the password. When they do, they are offered something to buy- because that's how you make money- when people buy things.

But here's the part that is UNBELIEVABLE.....

When you buy something at the HIGHEST level, you get the HIGHEST commissions.

And the level of commissions is RIDICULOUS.

It is a level that is almost like getting ALL of your money back with your first sale!

But here's the best part...

You are buying LEADS!!

Yes- LEADS of people who are interested in buying the very thing you are selling!!

And guess what?

They want a way to make money that is SIMPLE.

Once you join with the AIS and STN system... you HAVE something simple to offer them!


Of course, you can offer them other affiliate products, like a blogging course, or another business opportunity, or some internet tools that offer the ability to build a business.

SO... follow the process...

And now, there's even a way for you to go directly to a website and get started too.

Because it's the internet, and some people want to do it that way too!

You can use the web version too:

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