Saturday, February 24, 2018

WHY choose Automated Income Systems "Share The Number" and Make Money Online Easily?

so my wife has asked me a question we're

over here it's Christmas time you know

and she is over there excuse her we have

two children so whatever there are toys

everywhere right but she asked me a

question about why there are ruffle

butts ruffles on the butts of all babies

see now they baby girls baby girls this

is our baby girl look at my cute baby

girl I know I know you're you you called

for information but this is my baby girl

baby pie oh my god so she asked me what

that why there are ruffles on the butts

of baby's clothing which is not asking

me but I'm answering because that's what

I do

the answer is because people buy it

that's why it's there because people buy

it now you might say if it weren't there

would you buy it

I'm sure there is clothing out there

without ruffles on the butts but guess

what the woman asking me that question

bought several pairs of ruffle but for

her daughter things or somebody else

bought them and and we got them as

hand-me-downs or you did buy one so

there you go anyway they're okay even

better there were not there were not non

ruffle ones available so you know what

she did she bought the ones that were

available right she didn't go to another

store you she was on the Internet

there is anything you want to buy is

available but it was cyber monday so and

the cyber monday deals so she bought

ruffle butt baby clothing so why am i

why am I making a video about this when

the title for this is automated income

systems and share the number because

some people get you know they want to

have a business online and you know what

it's sometimes people care what it is

somebody don't care they just want to

make some money right and there are some

people who say they want to make money

but every single opportunity they've

seen has got to be a scam of some sort

guess what those people don't want to

make money

those people don't want an internet

business it's like people who say oh I

want to lose weight this year and then

they're on the couch eating ice cream

all day those those people don't really

want to lose weight right the people who

want to lose weight they go to the gym

or eat better or do something right but

so how does automated income system work

why is this here's the reason I'm

talking about that all that is because

there is nothing simpler online you

share the phone number with your promo

code people go to the website and they

buy lead packages if they want to make

some money they buy lead packages and

then there are they're able to make

Commission's by sharing the number

letting other people buy the same kinds

of lead packages it's the simplest thing

there is and what Sally package a lead

package is it's like a database I want

to say database but it's like a list of

people who are leads who have indicated

that they want to make money from home

so what am I gonna do with these people

understand here's what you do you shared

the phone number with your promo code to

people who want to make money who say

they want to make money and guess what

the people who do they will call the

number using promo code go to the site

and they'll buy or not and you know why

people buy it because it's available you

know why it's available do you know why

people are making thousands of dollars a

day do you know why I got a $488 payment

and you know and I woke up to one do you

know why when I joined my the dude who

posted a picture of the phone number got

thirteen hundred dollars from me I never

talked to him by the way I went on the

side I went on I called the number I

went on there and I paid fifteen hundred

like this boom he made 13 hundred do you

know why because people buy it

same with ruffle but if you want to get


if you want to get into baby clothes

business and someone says great spy

selfies ruffle but baby clothes the

person who doesn't want to make money

says why do people buy ruffle but things

the person who does says great these

sell I'm selling them now end of


do you know why these these stupid

things do you know why these have sold

millions and millions and millions

because people buy them and people who

want to make money buy them wholesale

and sell them retail and that's why they

make money with them does that make


do you hear my I don't know if you're

gonna pay if you can hear my daughter

she's making noise she's what she's

saying is he's right everybody because

she's bad daddy's little girl you guys

only wanted to talk to me you want to

see Mikey baby again right so here's the

answer here's what you do in automated

income systems you join you upgrade as

far as you can the upgrade to the level

that makes you uncomfortable enough

that'll make you want to do it see if I

had join for 100 bucks I'd have been

like a week later I've been like hey I

even told my wife this cuz like I set up

I sent a thing to a bunch of people and

none of them joined and I was like what

but I spent fifteen hundred bucks

I wasn't laying fifteen hundred bucks go

you know if I had spent one hundred I've

been like a move on to something else

who cares much to my wife's degrading

right but that's why I spend a lot so

that I motivate myself to get it back

right maybe and here's the other reason

for motivation cuz we got a three months

old baby

oh come on now you guys how cute is she

hey baby girl hey should be so they buy

so they buy a lead package from share

the number and then go out and share the

number what do you think


she's thinking about it how about you do

you would you share would you call the

number and using a promo code and then

buy a $1,500 Deepak

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