Saturday, February 24, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions About Automated Income Systems "Share The Number", and Is It A Scam?

okay so why is automated income systems

share the number going viral and why is

it that people are jumping in but I have

found that there are people who like

jump in who get it and jump in and there

are other people who were like really

hung up on on a bunch of things and you

know originally I thought it was the

people who were hung up on any business

and they end up doing nothing right but

it's not so I'm here to explain what it

is that somebody didn't understand

someone was like well this is dumb

because you just buy in and then oh you

can make money and I'm like well you're

buying a product you look what's the

product I'm like you're buying lead

packages you buy lead packages now let

me tell you why

that's so brilliant because every home

business every person who has own

business everyone who's into biz ops

anyone who does any of that stuff who

does affiliate marketing their whole

thing is like well the kid gets turned

cuz I have no leads I don't want to tell

my friends and family so I have to get

leads and I have two BIOS and I don't

want to spend money on advertising the

thing you buy is leaves but I don't have

a business to sell to these bizarre

leads first of all you can send any

affiliate product you want to these

bizarre pleads to people who are

interested in business opportunities

second you can share the number with

them what yeah you're buying a pack like

you know you buy a package of leads and

you can email them you can friend them

on Facebook you can send a post cards in

the mail if you want right

I wouldn't that cost money some people

like doing that

I prefer direct the email and Facebook

you could just do that and those are

people who have raised their hand and

said they want information on business

opportunities now they're probably

inundated with them they might be you

know so the way you stay now is by being

a person and you can do that as as if

you start off if you're someone who like

understands that you can just email

people then you just do that right or if

you just want to

the number you can just share the number

with your password in your Facebook post

that's how I joined I joined because

some guy I know was like hey this is the

simplest business opportunity I've ever

seen call this number and use the

password and I was like callin number

what internet business opportunity has

to do with calling a number what is this

1992 you know is in sync around it is

instant gonna be on the other message so

I listened it was one minute it told me

what to do with the password and I was

like oh oh you know my mom who sends out

like email forwards from her buddies

from her baby boomer buddies right they

can just add the phone number at the

bottom of that right with the password

and it tells people what to do and again

when you buy a package of leads you are

then able to sell leads that is the

opportunity which is true of anything

somebody else was like oh you just buy

them and then you resell them I'm like

if you own a hot dog stand that's what

you do you buy the hot dogs from the

supplier and you sell them the customers

that's what you're doing so like you

know there's a lot of desire to like

find scams and some oh this fine

pyramids and find scams and stuff and

you know if if the only tool you have is

a hammer then everything looks like a


right and if you're uneducated or if you

don't know the ink just the like details

of home business or you know you're not

that way at all then you see everything

is the same thing and it's not right so

one simplicity to your buying leads of

of your buying leads which is what you

need for your business right and three

it's a one-time it's a one-time purchase

which I guess if you want you

by more leads right it's a one-time

purchase and then you have amazing

Commission's when you sell those same

packages at the diamond level which is

what I joined that like this it was a

no-brainer no-brainer to do that

it's a $1,500 purchase and then every

time you sell a diamond membership you

get $1,300 in commission unlimited

numbers of times you go on YouTube

you'll see other people who are like

doing really well with a is but make

sure you join with the password friends

go see don't just you know believe me if

you don't want go see I'm sure if you're

watching this on YouTube there's some

other people list is here right that's

say that a similar thing so people who

are on my team you know you know I hope

my people up I've get you get a for

website so it's a share the number for

the simplicity right for those of you

who want to just share a website right

you can use my code for that well you

know if you're a member then you can get

that by email and it's a foresight thing

with videos and understanding I guess

I'll may I'll use this to help people

understand what it is they're looking at

you're looking at the opportunity and

it's stupid simple which is a good thing

the opportunity that the new biasts of

newbies says they want right you can

join for free and you know I hate saying

this you can make sales for you can make

sales for free right like you like you

join for free and if somebody buys

something then you make money but that's

frankly it's for losers it is it's for

losers why would you do that when the

starter level is only $100 and you get

like 10,000 business leads why would you

do that you're like I'm not gonna spin

you know there's like this thing of like

well I'm gonna be in business but

they're not gonna get me I'm gonna make

sure that I get other people there's

that kind of mentality where I don't

want to get gotten but I'm gonna do this

to get and that's where you're wrong you

know when you're in it

by tons of look at my life look at my

ridiculous library and I get rid of

stuff all the time

when you are in the industry you buy

stuff and then you sell stuff too cuz

that's what businesses it's buying and

selling and money moving around it's

called a currency like electricity it's

supposed to move and I'm only yelling at

you who are watching this by the way

because I know where I was ten fifteen

years ago right I was just like that

that and I still have to sometimes fight

it right

in fact if I'm perfectly honest I joined

as a free member right to see what the

deal was cuz how could this be so simple

but then it took like an hour you know

and and yes the back office is matt is

not with oh so professional-looking on

that but it was less before it just

keeps getting better because it is

moving and growing and people are

joining in the meantime other guys are

trying to sell you on other stuff right

pay attention pay attention if you are

buying then you can sell and my wife and

children are home and so I'm gonna end

this video now here they come

and you guys look at and mother-in-law

well sounds like somebody's upset about

something so I'm gonna go but that a lot

of you guys sound like that about

business opportunities alright so I'll

talk to you soon and go get started go

get started and if you have questions

after you get started

email me I'll send you all a bunch of

support stuff alright

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