Saturday, February 24, 2018

What Level Should You Join AIS and Share The Number?

hey what's up guys its bones Rodriguez

and I'm only making this live video so

that it records instantly so I don't

have to bother uploading it later but

let me tell you people often ask what

level should I join at in automated

income systems what will be the best

thing for me to make money with right

and you know I'm sure you immediately

even though think I'm gonna be like Oh

Double Diamond get that right now but

that's not necessarily the right choice

everybody but neither is engage right

neither is the beginning level because

that doesn't motivate anybody right

because what you want to do is join at

the level that motivates you enough to

do the work right so here's what I say I

joined a joint at the $1,500 level when

I first started cuz that was the highest

level van I I've just done it long

enough that I knew and the commissions

are crazy big enough that I knew that

was the right thing to do right joining

at the highest level was good because

the Commission's are ridiculous and all

you needed two sales of the same kind to

be in profit right but if I had joined

at like if I just wanted to test it out

and see how it was and if I had joined

it like the hundred dollar level I sent

out an email and I was like oh oh what's

up Daniel I sent him emails like oh you

know join this thing and I didn't get

any response for like two or three days

and I was like what and I know that had

I joined at like the hundred dollar

level I'd have been like may later

forget it I just thrown it away right

because I've been like who cares I lost

nine bucks I must move on right and I've

done it before right

and hello there Daniels and so but I

joined at the fifteen hundred dollar

level and I was not gonna lose fifteen

hundred bucks

do you know what I mean so I worked to

get that fifteen hundred back now here's

here's like the the crappy part of it

cuz I work to get that fifteen hundred

back and when I got to sixteen hundred I

was like okay good

sat back I like done relaxed right cuz

that was the crisis the crisis was to

get back that fifteen hundred

and then I got and then you know I

started MIT and I was like oh buzz work

some more and something I did right and

I just relax and let you know and then

oh right so I keep doing that so here's

where tell you join at the level above

the one that makes you nervous right

join it the one that's gonna make you

get it back okay join at the level that

makes you say no I cannot lose that and

for all the dudes who are like joining a

business and not telling your wife right

if you lose 100 bucks Eve like oh baby I

try to stay allows 100 bucks it's just

another thing for her to tell you that

you're a loser right I am right damn

bones but you know you put down a

thousand bucks you're gonna work to get

that back because you don't want to have

that conversation you don't want to have

that I lost a thousand bucks

conversation you can have that I'll have

one hundred but I lost 100 bucks

conversation you've had that before

right you don't want to have the I lost

$2,000 conversation that you can get

back there's no reason to lose it there

is none you just gotta promote it it's

the simplest thing in the world you just

promote the phone number you're just

gonna do it there's nothing difficult

about it's the easiest it's stupid

simple people are doing it all over the

internet that I had this 18 year old kid

made three big ass sales he was at the

beginning level dummy I mean thanks for

the commission I told him he made three

huge sales okay so um get join at the

level above the one that makes you

nervous and then go out there and make

sure you get it back people on my team

hook you up with some extra bonuses you

get a whole different site you get me

you get a strategy about texting people

texting which is super simple you get

all the leads and that's it that's I'm

not gonna you know promote myself here I

don't need to join the level above the

one that brightens you

click below talk to you soon bye

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