Saturday, February 24, 2018

Proof of my success with Automated Income Systems "Share The Number" How Much Can You Make?

Here is a quick (kind of annoying) video I made with proof of getting paid with Automated Income Systems' Share The Number System:

All I did was share the number with my promo code, and then I started sharing it by sending the website out to people by text and email.

You can literally just post a picture on facebook, and let people do it all by themselves:

I prefer to send people a text when they sign up for free, and ask if they are going to make money online with us, or if they're just curious about how to make money online.

You can even use other people's sites, as long as you add your own promo code at the end:

That is by a guy named Justin Wilcox, and you can join from that site.

Get Started for free, and then upgrade to Double Diamond immediately- it's the best use of that money you'll ever get.

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