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How To Pay ALL Of Your Bills In ONE Pop! Make $3,000 As A Royal Diamond!

ba ba ba boo Bao Jean J Valley owner and

whatever of automated income systems

just announced that they're going to

make a new level called either is either

gonna be called the diamond royale or

royale diamond right and it's gonna be

3500 bucks to get to that to have drawn

at that level and it's gonna have a

whole bunch of softwares a bunch of

leads a whole bunch of software's for

you to connect with those leads which is

amazing because most people spend more

money on their on their home business

then have everything like brought to

them at once it's 3,500 bucks and when

you sell the same package that you just

bought you will earn $3,000 now most

people in the US don't net $3,000 in a


much less in one sale

and I'm telling

you now people are going to buy that

package how do I know well after he

announced that he opened the doors for

people to do so and a whole bunch people

did already there are a whole bunch of

diamond Royales of royal diamonds I'm

one so do it now and there's a there's a

time right now that double diamonds can

be grandfathered in so for the next like

a few days you can be grandfathered in

and get to that level at a lower cost

so do that do that if you're on my team

and you want to make some real serious

money here do that because people will

buy that package and it's 70 percent

override so even if they even if even if

you never find another royal diamond out

there like 70 percent overrides on other

sales it's worth it just just go do it

you want to make you want to make more

in a month you want to handle most of

your bills in one sale just go do that

just go do it okay

don't you see I mean that's my that's

why I made this video to tell people to

go do that okay bye

What Are The Average Results for Automated Income Systems- How Much Mone...

What are the average results with Automated Income Systems, and how much money can I expect to make per month?

hey my name is bones Rodriguez I'm an

actor author entrepreneur and I have

been promoting automated income systems

now for a couple months and I've made

over thirteen thousand something like

that at this at this point and your

watches videos you want to know what the

average results are right and this is

what everybody says you know the average

result anything I talk about my results

are not typical okay they're not typical

therefore what is the typical result and

you want to know what the average result

is here are the averages as I have found

out so far I have I looked at the

averages and their each person who comes

each free member to you as they come in

your back office the average they

average out to be worth about 50 bucks

each to you after a while after a number

of people after a hundred two hundred

people three hundred folks though that's

what the average works out to be okay

what does the average person make in

automated income systems well I just

told you

each free member that comes in

is worth about 50 bucks to you so the

question is what is gonna be your

average so what does the average person

how much weight does the average person

lose going to the gym no no probably

nothing you know why because most people

join the gym and then don't go make

sense so what is your average gonna be

I'll tell you if you join at the higher

packages your ability to earn is bigger

right it's not more work though it's not

more work so the average result and what

the average person does is they join

they join don't look around don't do the

Facebook don't join the Facebook group

don't get any any other information and

go back to watching TV and being mad

that they got no money that's what the

average person does as I've said in

another video over like 200 folks there

well I've observed in the back office

something like 160 hundred seven a dude

zero right

those other people do it and so the

question is which one do you want to be

which average do you want to be the

average person who does nothing or the

average person who does something

because for the average person who does

something every free member in your back

office is worth something like 50 bucks

results not typical that's the average

that has worked out for me and I've seen

a couple other people's okay so your

average if you want to know before you

join what your ever what your results

are gonna be

here's what they are whatever you want

them to be based on your work ethic and

what you know okay the only difference

between what you want and what you have

is applied knowledge so as you get

knowledge you can decide whether or not

you're going to apply it I just gave you

some knowledge here's the knowledge I'm

gonna give you and you can either apply

it or not join up at the highest level

get in the facebook group share that

phone number in your promo code every

way that comes to your imagination even

if it's embarrassing because it'll be

worth it to you okay

click one of the videos if you want more

information or click below to get


I'm bones you can go to share the number

system calm I am bones Rodriguez talk to

you soon

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

SCAM REVIEW- Is Automated Income Systems A Scam? Here's The FOOLPROOF Me...

is automated income systems a scam how

can you just share the number and with

the promo code and get paid so much

money it must be a scam right well

fortunately there's a way to find out

you can join for free and get in the

back office and go look around and join

our Facebook group and look around and

ask your enroller instead of running

away being like oh it must be a scam go

find out and you don't have to take my

word for it you can just go find out and

guess you're gonna find that it's not

and just for in just in case that was

too quick for you again just in case you

didn't feel like satisfied by that

answer of you go find out instead of

just listening to me instead of watching

this video and being like this guy tell

me if it's a scam or not you can go find

out if that isn't good enough for you if

you don't trust yourself to get that

information here's the next thing how

could it be how could it be a scam if

you pay for something and you get

something in return

that's called commerce so if you buy a

Bissell lead package and a free system

if you buy the lead package and you get

the lead package end of discussion

that's called a purchase and if you're

enroller got an affiliate fee for it

even better and since it's remembered

remember you know cuz you have to pay

them directly so there you go

can't be a scam how can it but don't

take my word for it go join for free

click below join for free get in the

Facebook group ask folks whatever go

watch the videos hey I'm just gonna tell

you it can't be so stop asking ok bye

How I Made Over $10,000 With Automated Income Systems and Share The Numb...

yes I made it to 10,000 bucks past

10,000 didn't even know it wasn't paying

attention but I did and here's the

reason why people buy the big packages

who knew who knew

I wasn't sure I got

the big package because I wanted to get

the overrides by the way my name is Paul

Rodriguez I'm an actor author

entrepreneur I live here in New York

City with my wife and two kids I got

into online business cuz I didn't want

to wait tables walk dogs and watch

babies like my other friends who were

actors so I do this and audition and

write books and whatever but I'm free to

be with my kids and my wife

whatever all the time great now then

past 10,000 bucks I joined the big level

because I wanted to get the overrides

because I knew a lot of people would buy

the lower levels and then occasionally

someone buy the big ones guess what

people buy the big package who knew so

when you do they will so the reason I've

been able to make up you know ten

thousand bucks pretty quickly is because

I've had a few 17:50 sales does that

make sense for me it's 1750 does that

make sense so that's why so if you want

to get to a point where you're like

making life changing income really then

go for the big package and other people

will - that's my biggest biggest advice

for getting results quickly okay so

click the link here join my team get a

bunch of stuff I have sites and pictures

and you know I support my people and I

thought you see

How To Make $1,000 With NO EXPERIENCE!

This webinar is for people who truly don't understand or believe that

the internet is a MAGIC place where you can make money for the simplest things...

I took the time to walk you through some thought processes that should

really solidify why you can just do a few simple things and create money from them.

say hello I'm having a beer and there

was a while ago you know why because I

had two kids and you know what else

we had another three-year-old here today

and I'm using this background because my

usual background from my desk across the

room the backgrounds a mess it's it's

the dishes I'm look at my wife or

somebody is the dishes of today's dinner

it's Mickey Mouse its Minnie Mouse it is

Easter eggs like the little shell Easter

eggs it is Marvel heroes it is the

baby's little play spot so for those you

know I have if you don't know I'm sorry

I have a 7 month old almost 8 month old

and a three year and eight month old

and so his little friend was over today

and we were all running around the house

quite a bit kind of loud so I deserve a

beer that's where I'm going and I had

was having a beer in one of my other

videos and someone was like you know you

were talking making some great points

but you drink the beers really

unprofessional and like okay fine um

you're right it is unprofessional except

that this is my this is my business it's

my life so I'll ask the boss if it's


is it okay hell yeah I'm having one too

you know where's it yeah Laura's like

was it your doing taxes my wife is doing

taxes but I'm doing this so you don't

get one no you don't get I'm sorry no

get one of those decimal places wrong


but you know better then to to talk to

me while I'm doing this because I'm

gonna do is make jokes I got a camera in

front of me girl all right

so how to make $1000 without any

experience right I'm gonna get started

in just a couple minutes I'll give you a

quick background of me my name is bones

Rodriguez a born raised here in New York

where I live with my wife and two kids

I'm so glad I can say two kids but I

used to say my wife and son but it's

cool to say the wife and kids

the wife and kid doesn't really my wife

and kid or at home I gotta make sure I'm

taking care of my wife and kid you know

but the wife and kids that's why we had

a second one that's why we had a second

baby so I could save my wife and kids

even though completely my wife's fault

I keep telling you not to engage me on

camera completely my wife's fault you

guys completely and she'll admit to that

baby she won't admit to it but it

doesn't matter so I have an a job in

over 15 years no J job in over 15 years

I mentioned that I'm an actor and an

author an entrepreneur right well most

of my actor friends well waiting tables

walking dogs and watching babies right

until they didn't make enough money

acting so they had to quit and got desk

job right well me being stubborn really

being stubborn and like just whatever

insisted on answering every stupid how

to make money online how to make money

in real estate how to make money writing

books how to make money in every stupid

ad I read and every course I took and I

started making money sometimes right and

I made money enough that I kept pursuing

my acting business learning from the the

home business stuff applying it to my

acting career and then making some money

as an actor right and I mean over

400,000 bucks as an actor I say that not

to impress you because it's over a very

long period right but but an average you

know it's not bad right it's not bad

it's not bad in the amount of time so we

get health insurance through sag which

is Amit it's immensely important and I'm

willing to do background and whatever

else to to get to it but knock on wood I

haven't had to yet but I'll do it

halfway there's no no problem with that

right but I do mostly commercial so

if you recognize me or you think you

know me from somewhere it may be because

I've been in your home eating burgers or

getting cable installed in my house or

maybe you've seen some of my youtube

videos um like twenty eight twenty seven

thousand subscribers so my dad but it's

mostly from two videos and I want to

talk about that success how much do you

need of it right how much do you need so

I have like hundreds of videos on

YouTube I imagine I don't even know I

imagine I'm hundreds of videos by now

but really most of my subscribers most

of the money I get from me from YouTube

because they pay me every month YouTube

pays me every month is from like two

videos maybe three okay and they're

popular so I make money from tada

is that how you make my a thousand

dollars without any experience no it can

be you can I was not experienced in

YouTube in making YouTube videos but I

made so many that two of them do really

well and pay me so in that way you you

might say I got lucky I might say that

I've made a hundred something videos

right so we're already starting I've

already started talking I've already

gotten on the journey here so why if

you're one of my subscribers when you

hear because I emailed you then oh that

I even I didn't even tell people on

Facebook oh well I told you that I had

like this urgent thing to tell you about

and it's how to make money without

experience I've been teaching people how

to make money online by building

websites but building what I call online

vending machines right and I say that

because that sticks in your mind that

makes sense to most people that if you

have a vending machine if you're only

like a candy and sort of any machine

people when they walk by either vending

machine they will buy something from it

and you make money because you own it

you didn't make the candy didn't make

the soda didn't make the machine but

since you own the system you make money

but you can do the same thing online and

if you see

you've heard me say those Babic over and

over again right so I say for the new

folks but I also say for the folks in

the back folks in the back and for the

folks who need to hear it because even

though you've heard it you haven't done

a thing thing with the information right

maybe I should have said that because

why did I censor myself in math do you


maybe so I have been promoting a an

opportunity lately right and I've kind

of always been talking about one

opportunity or another because there are

so many online and I'm supposed to tell

you here's what a regular marketer will

do they'll be like and I found so many

of them were scams but then I came

across this and Wow it changed my life

and I avoided all this game so no matter

what you're looking at is a scam unless

you're looking at my thing right and

that is a way that people market online

and you can do that without any

experience right you can decide you're

going to market something decide you're

going to sell something on line and you

can put it up and you can then target

every other competitor and talk about

how every other competitor is a scam

except for your thing you can do that

that sucks

also you'll be in trouble if you go and

and promote something else cuz you're

already known as the everything else is

a scam guy or girl so don't do that okay

I have been promoting something lately

that listen carefully I do in a nursing

home was getting started today okay

because it was something that he knew he

could do I'm gonna tell you about

something that an eighteen year old got

started with who I wrote off and who has

made over a thousand bucks with no

experience truthfully his friend made

like three right without any experience

at all okay and these and this eighteen

year olds you know they they're more on

line than people over 30 I'd say like

the 30 and above and 30 below the world

the online world is completely different

okay but oh and let me see if you guys

are asking questions and I'm not even

paying attention to be busy looking at

myself if you're on YouTube

say hello write a write something in the

chat I'm pausing this visual you myself

let's see if anybody had any questions

and says hello nobody thanks guys

say something anyway okay so I've been

promoting something like that absolutely

anybody could do okay anybody can do and

I want to show you how to do it but I

have to show you why why anyone can do

it because when I just show somebody I

find that sometimes there's a big

disconnect right because it's so simple

because it's so simple and so easy some

people are like um that's stupid that's

too easy

meantime I'm banking like I've made like

thirteen thousand bucks the past couple

months and someone else somebody else

has made fifty one thousand somebody

hasn't made a hundred thousand I'm gonna

show you how and why that's true in the

past couple months like four months five

months okay

and when I show you it's gonna be gonna

be like it's so part-time you can't even

I mean I guess you could make it

full-time but it's hard to make it


so and here's something I want to tell

you because when I start talking about

the numbers and how much money you can

make it how much people are making

people start turning off and when I'm on

Facebook and I say something like I can

show you how to make a hundred dollars a

day with a free app I can make show you

how to make a hundred dollars a day with

a seven dollar one-time payment I can

show you make a hundred dollars a day

with your own website right people ask a

lot of questions and they want to know

and hey can you please send me the link

I want information and I want to get

started right but if I say hey you can

make $1000 a day or a thousand others a

sale thousand dollars a pop like it's

just unbelievable to a lot of people

right so now I'm gonna tell you about

something that you can make $3,000

$3,000 a sale a day a pop it's just true

right if you have something in your

vending machine if you have a bag of

Lay's potato chips that for some reason

is three thousand dollars and people

some people want to buy three thousand

dollar bag of potato chips and you can

do that then that has nothing to do with

you it all has to all to do with the

people who want to buy a three thousand

dollar bag of Lay's potato chips okay so

if you think it's unrealistic for you it

has nothing to do with you

it has to do with while offering and who

you're offering it to right if I showed

you an easy way to sell Lamborghinis you

would understand that you'd make that

you you can make a few thousand dollars

every time you sold one that would make

sense to you right if I told you you

could just have a website people could

just go to your website and buy

Lamborghinis that might I mean I don't

that work maybe it would work I have no

idea but you would say oh okay sure

people buy that people buy Lamborghinis

and I can understand why there'd be a

lot by Commission on that right so when

people start a home business oftentimes

they're thinking about whether they can

do and whether their friends and family

would do this or be involved or I don't

know anybody who would X Y Z if you're

like oh this health business looks

really good but I don't know anybody who

would do this you probably don't you're

probably right because your friends have

helped me usually don't but you know who

do want to do that stuff people who are

already doing it people who have already

done it before right if you're in I'm

just telling you this for your own thing

that you

in a health business if you decide you

want to join a health business the first

people who you should tell about your

health business or other or people in

other health businesses they might get

some of them are gonna be like why did

you join mine but they're the ones who

are most likely to like your health

business okay so as I'm telling you

about this I'm telling I'm going to tell

you about a digital business meaning

it's all online the products online the

systems online everything's online okay

and the people who want this kind of

business are people who already have a

home business do you already know

somebody with a home business I don't

know who cares because listen carefully

I'm going to tell you exactly where to

get names phone numbers emails addresses

of people who have home businesses who

want to see what you are offering and

I'm going to tell your way that you're

gonna make up to $3,000 a sale so yes

the title of this is how to make $1000

without any experience haha I tricked

you it's actually how to make $3,000

without any experience I just didn't

think that $3,000 was going to be

believable I'm gonna watch the viewers

go from down numbers go down as I say

$3,000 as the $3,000 catches up I'm

gonna watch that number change right so

let me ask you this how many $3,000 how

many times do you need to make $3,000 in

a month to make a big difference in your

income once twice a month cuz most of

America works full-time all month and

doesn't bring home 3,000 bucks after

taxes nope most of America works all

month and five days a week and

not bring home $3,000 right so I'm

already telling you about a business

that you can make up to $3,000 a sale up

top a day whatever right where I'm going

you're going to be provided with people

who are interested in this already okay

all you got to do is tell them and at

3,000 bucks you only need to make one or

two sales a month to replace your

full-time income now look a lot of

people get into home business not to

replace them full-time they just want to

make an extra something so when I talk

about 3000 bucks it might seem like well

like I don't want to work that hard you

know what that is as we go on I'll show

you why that's not necessarily how it

works but maybe you just want to make an

extra hundred bucks a month a week

whatever great this same business has

that for you hold on if you just said oh

okay good then I'll listen there's

something wrong with you if I'm telling

you about a home business that can make

you three thousand bucks a pop sale but

you're more comfortable listening to

that I can make a hundred dollars a week

there's something wrong with you not

morally not like morally wrong but

there's some part of you that doesn't

believe 3,000 bucks but can believe what

and is more comfortable is so much more

comfortable with 100 that you'll keep

listening okay

I let me tell you a quick story just

because we're talking about this I wrote

a book captain kirk's guide to women how

to romance any woman in the galaxy start

reading books from Simon and Schuster

it's about guys romancing right and I

had this dude called me who was he

helped guys meet women

there was a meetup group they went and

they went to bars together and they kind

of wingman for each other that's fun

right he asked me to come in and do a

talk based on my book

so I did when the talk was over he came

up to me it was like man that was really

good you were giving them all the

important stuff about being confident in

yourself and making your own decisions

not having the woman make decisions for

you so that she can trust you because a

lot of you know a lot of nice guys do

whatever the woman says so that they

kind of think they're owed sex whatever

but he said you're giving him all this

great stuff then he said it's too bad

they won't listen to it I was like what

just you say I just talked for like an

hour what he goes these guys think that

the only thing they need is pickup lines

I'm sorry what yeah these guys think

that if they have the right pickup lines

in the correct sequence based on

whatever is fed back they're robotic

answers that they'll that that somehow

unlocks a secret something and I was

like are you serious yeah so the only

thing I can do the only way can get them

to like go out and the only I can kind

of trick them into being successful is

to tell them that yeah I've got these

new pickup lines and we're gonna go use

cuz that's how he gets him in the door

and then he shows them what they really

need to know and you know you can look

at it it's like well why is he telling

them that the it seems like bait and

switch right except that what they think

they need they're wrong about they don't

know what they need they think they need

the right sequence of pickup lines which

is asinine

right so a lot of times you're getting a

home business and you think you need X

you think you need know 20 people who

will do it you think you need to spend

as little as possible

in order to be successful if you have to

spend more than $100 it must be a scam

that's crazy talk

some guys get in a business they want to

spend a hundred bucks

spend $20.00 a month and advertising and

expect to make $10,000 a month honestly

people think that way okay that I should

be telling you or not I should but I

could be telling you that you can right

I could be telling you yeah it's a

hundred bucks and then you can make up

to three thousand dollars every day

that's what people want to hear but I'm

telling you what you need to hear and

I'm gonna tell you how even what you

want to hear you can use here that's why

I was eager to do this that's why I'm

not making like a PowerPoint video I

wanted to get to it okay so you can make

three thousand bucks a sale okay most

people don't make that a month but if

you make a sale you what what you make

two three four in a month one a week and

most people would it would be like yeah

feeling like they're rich I probably

would write to I'm going to you get the

people who are interested in this type

of thing you're going to get names

emails and phone numbers of them so you

can promote to them you get a plan for

doing it we use texts a lot we use text

marketing we use text a Facebook and I

like using picture marketing I'll show

you what I can tell you what that means

later I'm not gonna show you this but

okay so why would I tell you about this

well because the more people I tell the

better it works in the more I get paid

right it's not MLM it's called affiliate

marketing right and there are overrides

okay so those are the three things right

if you're in any other or home business

if you're if you sell soap

if you sell health material stuff if you

sell chocolate if you're in any other

home business what do you want what do

you want leads you want Li eat you want

leads of people who might be interested

in your business rather than your

friends and family rather than spending

a ton on Facebook Ads

I have a course on I have a type sell a

course on how to use Facebook Ads I use

Facebook Ads I did until I got banned

sue me

you notice then I'm glad L cuz now I

found ways to do it right

what you need is leads right the

opportunity I'm talking about sells lead

packages for a ridiculous price and you

get a ridiculous commission as an

affiliate I'm talking about 500,000 bit

is Oblates right for 500,000 biz op

leads I think it's for two thousand four

two thousand five dollars not per month

once okay in this business opportunity

you buy something once there's no

monthly there's no auto-ship buy at once

and get five hundred thousand is op

leads you could use those the rest of

your life for whatever business you're

in oh by the way so many people

listening just said I mean send me the

like some people did that just now in

their mind right I don't blame you

that's what I was saying I was oh great

hook me up there people who are in

businesses or before oh yeah definitely

send it send it over right okay but

here's the thing you can be an affiliate

for this for those bizarre leads and

someone's thanking me for the peppa pig

pig book Lauren thank you k we're

thanking us for the Peppa Pig

you can be an affiliate for these basalt

leads at 90% and here is how you sell it

in fact you ready I'm gonna show you see

this see this post-it note 6 1 8 3 5 5 1

1 2 1 promo code friends see this oh

it's backwards

haha I can't write it the other way I

don't know if it's gonna come out one

six one eight three five five one one

two one promo code friends that's it

that is how I have made over thirteen

thousand dollars by sharing that phone

number with my promo code which his

friends would you like to see how it

works let's show you I am going to

screen share do it okay over here hi

that's me right using the phone call

another what it is and then you need to

get started right now

great we got something for you as well

and even our free members get paid here

so you have absolutely nothing to lose

and all the gain by going to this

website right now

in pre registering for free go to share

the numbers dot-com that's share the

number com make sure you got your promo

code when you go there because you'll

need that to pre-register share the

number com

fill out the form watch the videos and

get started today I'll see you okay so

then we're gonna go to share the number

com see that show the number calm and

welcome and you register for free you

put in your name email phone number and

your promo code which will be friends

and when you do that I gotta actually

open this in a in an incognito window

otherwise it'll remember me so it's

gonna share the number com right and

enter name I'm gonna put bomb but

obviously I'm already in it so we'll put

this is just me joking at

right and two one two five five five one

two one two and the promo code is

friends that's my promo code right so

we're gonna do that oops

number so this is what people do after

they call that number they go here and

click join now right and over here there

is the stupid simple system where you

watch this video which is real

testimonies testimonials or testimonies

right here's how it works the comp plan

and you can choose your membership right

and why you choose Double Diamond well

because here are the memberships look

you can start 14 day for free 14 day

trial and you can earn $10 per sale

whatever somebody buys whatever package

of biz op leads that someone buys again

that every home business owner that

you've ever heard of wants biz op leads

if they buy it whatever package they buy

you earn $10

for sale at this level which is 40 bucks

so you can get started for free you can

get started really get started for real

at 40 for only $40 and earn 25 bucks per


for those of you who were intimidated by

the $3,000 per sale you can earn 25

bucks maybe you like that the sound of

that more and you get 2500 visibly its

right and they grows and grows starter

97 silver 297 gold 597 platinum 997

diamond 1497 Double Down in 1997 and

coming up soon the reason I look at 1997

you make 1750 per sale and the reason

I'm making this video is because there's

a new level coming out called time in

Royale which would be $3500 and you'll

get $3,000 per sale okay look this

500,000 visibly okay and on mine if you

go to mine you can even oops

go here and click here to request a call

back to get information okay because the

there's a call center that calls the

leads for us okay so the question is can

you share the phone number I just wrote

on that from online right can you share

the phone number that is the question

can you share a phone number I know you

can and you know who else can share

phone number everybody and everybody who

can share a phone number can be

successful here let me be clear I have

made over thirteen thousand dollars just

sharing the phone number and/or a

website that goes to it talked about

making money without any experience I

have a guy who started terry chat lowe's

no clue about internet marketing okay

I think the former truck driver some or

lager or something like that right no

cool about our internet stuff so you

know what he did he went and printed up

t-shirts he's made thousands of dollars

because of his he printed up t-shirts

I'm about to go print up some t-shirts

he knows I'm right can you go to

vistaprint and print up cards and send

them out and just hand them out or leave

them in carwash places leave them

wherever here's why I say this is better

than sharing the website because other

people go other people have heard of oh

you just share your website oh just say

your website and be like money and it

doesn't and like you've heard that so

much that it's not new but share a phone

number with your promo code that is a

unique selling proposition you can just

just share the website you can just

share share the number calm when your

promo code you can do that I created a

bunch of websites for people on my team

so that they can send that out by email

or whatever right but the unique selling

proposition is that everyone share a

phone number and a promo code and

because of that people realize that they

can do it and because listen carefully

because it's circular I am telling you

that you can do it and you know you came

more importantly the people who you are

showing it to know they can if you have

ever been in any other home business and

I'm part of other ones I promote other

things as an affiliate right I'm a

member of the power lead system which i

think is so great love the power lead

system you should you should get

involved with that too okay but this

program a is if you go to share the

number com slat and then use the promo

codes friends you'll find that there's

no auto-ship no month like it's a

one-time fee

so even if you buy the highest package

right you pay for once and then you make

unlimited almost 90 percent Commission's

it's ludicrous so people like oh I don't

have 2,000 bucks I get it I get it

but if you did or if you can find it or

if you could borrow it

you make 1750 when someone else buys the

same package so you know 1750s almost

2,000 you get almost all of it back on

your first sale and your second sale

your way in the black and you're in your

second sale you're you're at like what

you've made a hundred and fifty percent

on your second sale no I'm sorry on your

second sale you've made two hundred and

fifty percent on your money

no sorry 175 I don't know if it's two

thousand bucks and you make thirty five

fifty then it's a hundred almost two

hundred percent right almost two hundred

percent on your money and you know what

to do it in the first week you know some

people like well if I borrow two

thousand less I gotta pay it back in a

month no you don't know you don't right

how much does it cost monthly to borrow

$2,000 what how much does it cost

monthly to borrow $2,000 well let's see

if you borrow from the the highest

credit card thing you could in right at

35 percent how much does a $2,000 cost

per month about a hundred bucks about a

hundred bucks you could pay a hundred

dollars you could borrow $2,000 from the

craziest predatory lending high high

interest credit card two thousand bucks

and it only and you only have to pay

back $100

and you could do that forever whoo but

I'm paying fees yeah but you're ahead of

the game who cares who cares if you're

ahead of the game if you make if you

barely do anything and you only make a

hundred and fifty bucks you're 50 bucks

ahead forever but of course if you find

somebody who is as crazy as me if you

find somebody who sees it as much as I

do it if you find somebody who is in the

home business who takes a second to

actually look at why they would get

involved you're in the black quickly and

and let me tell you this for those of

you who are in in and already and I know

I'm going along here but for those of

you who are in you know people need a

second people need a little bit of time

to to get it right because it might they

might join and get a free membership and

then takes like a week before they

realize cuz some people you know since

it's free some people will join and then

kind of disappear but some people who

are paying attention will realize wait a

minute this is an amazing opportunity

because the product is visibly you want

that I promote my other stuff to those

same Bazaar plates okay

then you get 90 percent commissions

that's crazy talk you can't do that

within health business you can't do that

because then the product shouldn't cost

that much but this is a digital product

I hope all this makes sense and then

there'll be people who Doug you know you

might promote it or you might show a

picture or something like that for like

a second and not realize that people

just need to see if you're actually if

you're still promoting it after a week I

know some people who got involved they

like promoted it for really two three

days nobody bought

anything quickly and so they stopped I

wouldn't show you my back overs but I

don't want to show people's names in

fact I'll show you my back office to

show you one thing so I've made about

thirteen thousand bucks something like

that in this program so far right and

this guy Jeff Lewis he's made like a

hundred and something he's made like

over a hundred thousand busts and um you

know people might seem to get a bunch of

a bunch of states we get a bunch of free

courses a bunch of stuff right to join

to help you be successful with him it's

like you just join and hey great and I

only have I have less than 200 people

who have checked it out now that's gonna

be a shock to a lot of you people a lot

of folks watching this they're gonna be

like oh listen work to what I said I've

made 13 thousand bucks

with only about two hundred people

checking it out the other guy has over

two thousand people and that's why he

has a that's why he's made about a

hundred thousand so if you think about

it's about he has about ten times the

number of people in his back office

right checking it out and it's made

about ten times the amount of money

that's a good thing because if you take

a hundred thousand dollars and divide it

by two hundred by our two thousand

people you end up with about fifty bucks

per person who looks in your back office

same with me right if I have not even I

have like a hundred and a like a 180

something but let's say it's two hundred

and let's call it thirteen thousand for

the hell of it

right it's a little more than fifty

bucks per person in the back office so

what so what do you want to do you want

to put as many people in the back office

as possible and how do you do it by

sharing the stupid phone number and

promo code and a lot of you guys

watching this right now are gonna say

that's stupid what's stupid is not

making fifty bucks per person just for

sharing the number like it's really dumb

understand what I'm saying and not go

share the number in your promo code its

simplicity is the good part it's not the

dumb part and if you go on the Facebook

group you'll see all the success you see

so many people doing well I'll show you

let's go let's go all those screenshare

and we're gonna go to the Facebook group

okay automating a substance mine so I'm

adding an income system it's right here

it is and how many people here eight

thousand and there's all this stuff here

like it's a very active look this guy

made drop cards right that's their promo

code and let's close this and look this

guy has contacts in there oh look at

that yes bono dear just upgraded is now

royal diamond thank you very much that's


royal diamond royal time and all these

people are royal them all these people

are eligible to make $3,000 per sale

okay so we're all diamond look at this

someone's ruins of the great things

congratula brownie on 25 25 bucks Jeff

who is mr. Darrell Bruce Harrell diamond

Wow questions so people come in here and

they ask questions right and they get

answers and there are announcements you

know broiled down well I guess a lot of

people decide about that but just now it

just it would just came out yesterday so

people are excited about it that's why

I'm making this video overall diamond

look at this James Oh Kelly are 3500


overnight I know that guy cool guy

exactly exactly

Michael Menzel earned a hundred

seventy-five bucks let's say 25 bucks

royal diamond okay

announcements 900 bucks 1,300 bucks 25

bucks 25 bucks

175 bucks okay so look

look at this picture remember I was

talking about your picture you can just

post this picture you can inbox someone

for the front you can just post this

around the web the web and have people

inbox you free promo code okay let me

show you what I mean for my team if you

go to share the number system comm right

here is a video I made for my team about

how I got started here are some team

resources videos that I've made for this

opportunity for you to use you can

rebrand a PDF come get this from me to

learn the thousand dollar day Brooke

blueprint you can log in your

back-office join the Facebook group join

my my or one of my training groups where

we all help each other it's a different

one pictures that you can post you just

post this picture on your Facebook on

your Instagram on your Twitter anyone

can do this

can you just post this picture with your

promo code yes you can write post this

picture look I'm gonna do it right now

I'm gonna copy image I'm gonna go on

openness go to my own personal Facebook

page and I'm gonna say it's my brother

should post it

look I'm we use promo code friends I

have made over thirteen thousand dollars

doing this very thing right and then I'm

going to I'm just gonna paste it I'm

gonna paste the picture in there did you

know you could do that on on Facebook

yeah you can do that spaced it boom

right and you want to tag some people

you can tag some people if you want post

okay see that listen and I put seventeen

fifty dollars a week right get that go

that goes to like what people believe

you can make it per sale per day

whatever I mean it a week so people

could understand use promo code friends

oh I said us

let me just edit that okay use promo

code friends

okay boom use promo code above boom it's

a unique selling proposition people who

are curious enough will call use the

promo code and go through what I showed

you okay you can just do that these are

websites you can use these are different

you want to see what they look like look

this one has a very popular video of

mine I mentioned my YouTube my popular

videos this is a popular video - video

of mine and just but look see this

friends my promo code you can use that

for your promo code when you I mean

sorry when you join for free you get

your free promo code and you can add

your promo code here and use the rest of

this and then this is yours and when

they join they click here and get

started okay and do that you can use

that you can use any of these sites any

of these different sites look the one

you saw before is this one I showed you

this one buffer layer right they know

it's a minute listen to this thing do

what it says okay

here's another video it's a different

video that some somebody made and you

can take action join for free okay so

and then here's an FB post ways to share

the number look you can go here it's in

the same training group in automated

thing list your ideas for sharing the

number look all these different ways to

share the number all these ways look I

told you about to do with t-shirts there

he is a different guy right you made

t-shirts this guy put something on his

car so can you do it use press releases

right can you do it absolutely do you

need experience on sharing a phone

number no you already you already have

it here's an autoresponder that I like

to use as a mini site I made so people

who join me in power lead system they

also get a mini site that I can show you

that if you like let me show you that

what's the way in wonder


people on my team I created share the

pic comm right right here this is me

explaining how it goes

look all these different things and they

can join you can duplicate this website

as well because what I realize is that

you can just share any picture you want

with your name and promo code with your

own website and promo code right and

then people would join can go do what

you said here's one with a number where

this is a another video about this guy

Justin who's made over fifty one

thousand dollars even though he was

homeless when he started and they can

click to call the number right so

whatever you want to do there are many

many many many ways to share the number

I like teaching people a text way and

the way to do that is outlined in

extreme detail here in this rebrand

about PDF for you to give away so

hopefully you understand hopefully you

get it I have shown you how to make one

thousand dollars without any experience

and I and this is longer than I wanted

it to be but I wanted you guys to

understand okay so if you dig it great

get started go through it call the

number go to my site go to share the

number system comm go there get started

for free go look around there is zero

risk you can go get started for free go

in the Facebook groups see what's going

on you're free for 14 days you can earn

$10 a sale it's gonna hurt if you if

somebody buys a big package and you only

get 10 bucks because you're a free

member so you heard it here don't do

that get enjoying it the highest level

you can at the level that scares you

okay I will I will

there there I mean there's no other I'm

just checking the YouTube there's no

other yes I'm drinking beer

there's no other

business opportunity that has this kind

of stupid simple system that absolutely

anybody can do and can do it in multiple

ways and has the potential to pay all

your bills in one sale

all your monthly bills in one sale can

you you know people go to Walmart and

work for $10 an hour all month what is

that 40 hours a week actually they don't

even get 40 hours right but let's

pretend they do let's pretend to get 40

hours they don't but let's say they get

40 hours a week that's 400 bucks a week

for weeks 1,600 bucks after taxes come

home with twelve thirteen hundred

dollars right so they get a second job

second job if they got a second

full-time job the same money it still

would only be 2600 if you're making $20

an hour you at $20 an hour you think

you're rich don't you still only 2600

it's still 2,600 bucks a month all right

I can't be $20 an hour forty hours a

week that's 800 times for 1,600 what

what time man right 3,200 right 3,200

thanks here

32 she's one you're doing the taxes good

thing she's doing the dates 3,200 so

imagine if you just did this for 40

hours a week if you went to a mall

popular mall and just hand it out flyers

business cards postcards and you made

one of those big sales a month it's like

a $20 an hour

that's it I'm done that's how you make

thousand dollars with no experience by

handing out or sharing a picture or a

phone number with your promo code that's

it you can do it so join for free go to

share the number calm and use promo code

friends or just go to share the number

system dot-com and that's my whole thing


my name is bones Rodriguez I'll stick

around and I'll answer I see that I've

had a couple questions and stuff not

questions but people talking and the

spinosa hi hello Matthew

alguien e gasps okay hello you were

being rude cool

hi ah I see okay great am i drinking the

beer yes sup y'all what's up Shawn you

need to go back to school you need to go

back to school I'm not going back to

school I've already I went to college

already I'm done right most people go to

college go to after go to grad school

they can earn a little more per hour

that's why most people go right sure you

love your your field and you want to

learn more but a great deal of people go

two more years of school as an

investment in their financial future

most people go to earn an extra five or

$10 an hour that's why most people go

what if you just got a skill that paid

you better what if you just created

assets that made you money instead okay

cool I've been talking for a long time I

can't believe this has been almost an

hour so I'm glad you guys were here I'm

gonna put the http mmm-hmm ww that share

the number system comm in here build it

right let's just double check by

clicking on it boom

yep that worked okay cool Stone YouTube

now if you're watching the replay you

know click below click wherever

if you want to subscribe to my other

videos that'd be cool

I think you'll learn a lot up and a lot

of cool stuff I have a couple mini sites

that kind of handle topics at once you

might learn from me and only learning

for me because I have been learning

right so 15 years ago I don't know what

I was talking I didn't know what I was

doing and I just kept trying and I've

learned along the way along the way I've

fortunately have had the guts to write

books I've had the guts to try different

things I've had the guts to audition and

get nose you know and after a while that

stuff becomes part of you after a while

failure you realize that the only way to

success is through failure so that this

is the first thing you've ever looked at

is the first home business you've ever

looked at and you're like is this thing

for real yes it's for real it's like it

is for real it can't not be is it a scam

how could it be how you can join for

free and go look around and people are

making money so how can it be a scam

sorry someone said that to me yesterday

I was like how if you're paying

attention how can it be a scam if this

is your first time you're going to have

to go through a little bit of fail even

though it's sis stupid simple and you

might succeed at first super quickly

there is some failure along the way okay

in fact I'll tell you last month I only

had four sales a total of four sales two

of them

we're only uh I want to say two of them

were $25 each but the other two or

seventeen fifty each so that was thirty

five fifty that I mean I'm not I'm not

doing this 40 hours a week I got two

kids I hang out with them all day okay I

made four measly sales the two lowest

and the two highest 3550 what did you do

last month for 35 50

right so cool I guess that's it click to

subscribe click to go to the link join

up join up you'll join my back office

there I'll be your your enroller and you

can email me ask whatever questions yeah

I'll probably just anything to the

Facebook group because you probably

won't listen to me anyway so I'll send

you the Facebook group here's here's the

advice I give everyone who joins start

at the level that scares you enough that

you'll do something a lot of people join

at the lowest level and do nothing

guess what the people who join at the

lowest level there do nothing they do

nothing cuz it's they didn't did nothing

ventured yeah I'll share a picture you

know maybe they shared a picture on

Facebook once along with 20 other posts

and then nothing happens so they're done

a lot of the the lower-level people do

that but if you join up at a level that

terrifies you to lose that money you'll

get going I didn't I joined the first

time I joined at the $1,500 level that

was the level the highest at the time

well I wasn't that scared me I don't

want to tell my wife I'd lose 1,500

bucks cuz I sent out an email I'm an

internet guy I make sales through emails

I sent out an email nobody joins for a

few days cuz people need to look at it

for a few days they do right cuz it

seems to me simple so the first few days

I had sent an email unknowns to me

people were checking it out and by like

the third day I hadn't made a sale now

as I go for well this thing is well just

not working it's not working but I spent

1,500 bucks so I'm gonna make sure it

works cuz it's not that it's not working

is that I wasn't working right if you go

to Bally's if you go to the gym the gym

works it's whether or not you go to the

gym right if you have a lemonade stand

lemonade stands

work do you work your lemonade stand

right you see a bunch of kids on a

winter day trying to sell lemonade on a

desolate place they're doing it wrong

right you go to a crowded place on the

hot day and that lemonade stand works

gee oh it wasn't the lemonade stand

that's different okay okay that was so

huge by the way so here's I could do it

I have done a whole video on that okay

cool so click Subscribe join up join the

Facebook group see all the success to

the level that scares you don't join at

the level that makes you feel okay if

you lose it that's the wrong thing to do

that what you think is the smart thing

that is thinking that pick up lines will

get you laid it's the wrong thing okay

and if you're part of this already and

you don't and you have like ten people

in your back office do more okay I gotta

go my battery's running out on my

computer cool buddy soon cool thanks for

hanging out with me bye

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Does Automated Income Systems Work? Is Share The Number A Scam? Here's How To PROVE...

your question is does this business

opportunity work how much did the person

who referred me make have you made any

money yet

have you made any sales yet that is the

question that makes sense from my

consumer point of view because when you

buy a TV you want to know does it work

does it get the channels does it sound

right right this is puppy joy by the way

my name is bones Rodriguez I tried this

a second ago maybe I'll show you the

outtakes later and you would know that

if you were buying a lemonade stand kit

that came with lemons and sugar and

water and directions and a stand you

would know that it's up to you to make

it work then of course selling lemonade

works right so while you're looking at

this business opportunity and I've made

this video so anyone can use it why are

you looking at this business opportunity

don't ask does it work ask is it

something that you think you can make

work now 

here's part 2 of that right

because you might say well the way I

would know is if the person I know who

referred me if they're making money then

it probably works right and but maybe

they haven't yet here's a best way to

know if something works or if you're

already in a business opportunity and

it's not you know you haven't made any

money yet

here's the best way the proof that it

works ready you bought it or you you buy

it if you haven't yet then you buy it

and you have proven that it works

because you buying it proves that people

buy it right tadhana has your friend

made any money yet if you buy it they

did right so now it's a question of well

am I an idiot I don't know is the person

who brought before you an idiot

if so then just go find idiots like you

like me right so if you're looking at


video because I've shown you something

are you as dumb as me maybe you're

smarter maybe you're not right but are

you at least or I can you if you're

smarter can you at least find people as

dumb as me make sense

so if someone sent you a business

opportunity and it looks good but you're

just not sure about this and the other

one make sure you're not looking at it

from a consumer point of view right and

- do you think there are people as dumb

as you who might want to join it or

start it and guess what your friend is

not the first person in the company

right there are other people in the

company so the question is do you think

you can do whatever it is that you're

enroller did okay did they send you a

link did they give you a free product

whatever they did can you do that that's

your proof okay bye

How To Make Your Business Opportunity "Work" and Make Money

Hey you guys it is bones Rodriguez and
I'm here with my sweet girl
papi joy a delight that Rodriguez and
for those who don't know me as I said my
name is bones Rodriguez and I'm an actor
author entrepreneur born and raised here
in New York City where I live with my
wife and two kids this is the new one
my son is napping now she's supposed to
be napping but she wanted to come hang
out so I said why don't I do it with her
and making this video those who are on
my list already you kind of know that
I'm all about helping people break
through some of our financial ideas and
and go on to new things and new
opportunities in that stuff I have not
had a day job in over 15 years right so
I've been able to be an actor and do all
sorts of stuff for the past 15 years
I've written books and done you know
kind of whatever all because of online
opportunities and online business and
been able to be with this one and her
three-year-old brother all the time
right which is awesome but I want to
tell you the story about how I came
aross automated income systems I was
just scrolling through Facebook
and I saw a friend of mine had posted a
picture and it said Cole this phone
number with my promo code and I was like
we're supposed to be internet guys why
is he posting about a phone number
that's stupid no one's ever gonna let me
call that phone number oh my god I know
what out right so um I called and I use
this promo code hide rule and spit up
that's okay should I keep going or
should I cut that I'm gonna keep going
just because that's what you do new when
you're an adult when you're a parent
right fortunately keep these around so
um I called the phone number and use the
promo code and sure enough I was like oh
this is brilliant oh my gosh this is
brilliant it was like you could make all
this money right earn these commissions
and I was like well let me figure it out
and it came out to 87 percent
commissions on a digital product which

means you buy once and then you could

make Commission's unlimited amount right

so at the time it was a 15th the

tightest level was a 59 you can start

for you can start for free free members

can make money and now that was the

other thing that made me want to look

and then the hi

level was 1,500 and you earned $1,300

per sale now the highest is 1997 1997

dollars and you earn 1750 per sale can

1750 is that crazy

yeah that's crazy see even she knows

that's a good yeah that's a good number

she likes it too right um so I was like

well let me tell my people about this

but I didn't want to blast it outright

because I was I was like oh well are

people gonna be turned off that it's

sharing a phone number and so I did a

small test and people dug it right

people join for free couple people you

made sales while they were free and that

made them change their mind and in fact

this one kid man he was free and he made

the highest sale and he got some money

but I got a bunch which is even better

right I mean it's good for us right but

then I was like dude you have to hurry

up and upgrade and it's true he has a

total he's a big sales group now so it's

called automated income systems and the

reason why it's so awesome aside from

eighty percent eighty seven percent

commissions which is ridiculous and


is that what's the product right the

product is biz up leads what business up

leads yeah leads of people looking for a

business opportunity so if you're in any

other kind of business if you have

anything else to promote then you can

use the leads that you just got and you

can promote your business to them and

you can also tell them about share the

number right but here's the thing like I

started making other tools to use right

because people were kind of sharing the

number and sharing the website of course

there's a website online and Facebook

was like oh you know this is getting to

be too many people were using the same

web domain so I created my own and so

people on my team they get that occurred

to me that we started sharing a picture

of the phone number and sharing a

picture of promo code and stuff so I

said well well I just create share the

pic so my team is using share the pic

calm which means you can just upload any

picture and add your promo code to it

right and that's doing really well too

so go in for free

you go you'll see the whole of the whole

sales page and they'll tell you

everything that's awesome about it but

then you can go in and join them for

free so join it for free and once you're

there contact me either by email or if

you have my number or whatever no

actually email me and I will send you

all the different tools that we have

therefore a is I would show you the back

office right now and everything but I've

got this little baby my answer I'm gonna

go play with her I'm gonna post this so

you guys can check it out you'll see why

I'm sharing this thing and is there

anything else oh yeah so this what

you're watching now this video and and a

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I'm recommending a is she had a number

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if didn't see seventeen hundred and

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live in New York

okay so opt-in below then join it for

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sharing a picture of sharing a phone

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so talk too soon right

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

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It's Back for 2022! Share The Number!

Wow! I am so super-pumped to announce that we were able to RESURRECT the SHARE THE NUMBER opportunity! I had been BUGGING Don for a long tim...