Saturday, April 14, 2018

How To Make Your Business Opportunity "Work" and Make Money

Hey you guys it is bones Rodriguez and
I'm here with my sweet girl
papi joy a delight that Rodriguez and
for those who don't know me as I said my
name is bones Rodriguez and I'm an actor
author entrepreneur born and raised here
in New York City where I live with my
wife and two kids this is the new one
my son is napping now she's supposed to
be napping but she wanted to come hang
out so I said why don't I do it with her
and making this video those who are on
my list already you kind of know that
I'm all about helping people break
through some of our financial ideas and
and go on to new things and new
opportunities in that stuff I have not
had a day job in over 15 years right so
I've been able to be an actor and do all
sorts of stuff for the past 15 years
I've written books and done you know
kind of whatever all because of online
opportunities and online business and
been able to be with this one and her
three-year-old brother all the time
right which is awesome but I want to
tell you the story about how I came
aross automated income systems I was
just scrolling through Facebook
and I saw a friend of mine had posted a
picture and it said Cole this phone
number with my promo code and I was like
we're supposed to be internet guys why
is he posting about a phone number
that's stupid no one's ever gonna let me
call that phone number oh my god I know
what out right so um I called and I use
this promo code hide rule and spit up
that's okay should I keep going or
should I cut that I'm gonna keep going
just because that's what you do new when
you're an adult when you're a parent
right fortunately keep these around so
um I called the phone number and use the
promo code and sure enough I was like oh
this is brilliant oh my gosh this is
brilliant it was like you could make all
this money right earn these commissions
and I was like well let me figure it out
and it came out to 87 percent
commissions on a digital product which

means you buy once and then you could

make Commission's unlimited amount right

so at the time it was a 15th the

tightest level was a 59 you can start

for you can start for free free members

can make money and now that was the

other thing that made me want to look

and then the hi

level was 1,500 and you earned $1,300

per sale now the highest is 1997 1997

dollars and you earn 1750 per sale can

1750 is that crazy

yeah that's crazy see even she knows

that's a good yeah that's a good number

she likes it too right um so I was like

well let me tell my people about this

but I didn't want to blast it outright

because I was I was like oh well are

people gonna be turned off that it's

sharing a phone number and so I did a

small test and people dug it right

people join for free couple people you

made sales while they were free and that

made them change their mind and in fact

this one kid man he was free and he made

the highest sale and he got some money

but I got a bunch which is even better

right I mean it's good for us right but

then I was like dude you have to hurry

up and upgrade and it's true he has a

total he's a big sales group now so it's

called automated income systems and the

reason why it's so awesome aside from

eighty percent eighty seven percent

commissions which is ridiculous and


is that what's the product right the

product is biz up leads what business up

leads yeah leads of people looking for a

business opportunity so if you're in any

other kind of business if you have

anything else to promote then you can

use the leads that you just got and you

can promote your business to them and

you can also tell them about share the

number right but here's the thing like I

started making other tools to use right

because people were kind of sharing the

number and sharing the website of course

there's a website online and Facebook

was like oh you know this is getting to

be too many people were using the same

web domain so I created my own and so

people on my team they get that occurred

to me that we started sharing a picture

of the phone number and sharing a

picture of promo code and stuff so I

said well well I just create share the

pic so my team is using share the pic

calm which means you can just upload any

picture and add your promo code to it

right and that's doing really well too

so go in for free

you go you'll see the whole of the whole

sales page and they'll tell you

everything that's awesome about it but

then you can go in and join them for

free so join it for free and once you're

there contact me either by email or if

you have my number or whatever no

actually email me and I will send you

all the different tools that we have

therefore a is I would show you the back

office right now and everything but I've

got this little baby my answer I'm gonna

go play with her I'm gonna post this so

you guys can check it out you'll see why

I'm sharing this thing and is there

anything else oh yeah so this what

you're watching now this video and and a

little opt-in below

that's something from my team only also

there's a whole done-for-you system over

there where when people opt-in they get

emails and there's contests that the guy

runs contests out of the Facebook group

the Facebook group is super fun

you know people win hundred bucks during

the day just for nothing and so I'm

really recommending that's why I'm doing

I'm recommending a is she had a number

for all my subscribers as an extremely

newbie friendly thing and as you know

you can join for free for 40 bucks

join for free or join the lowest level

at 40 bucks up to 2000 all right so

that's it

puppy joy do you like when we get those

big commissions you say yeah let's see

if didn't see seventeen hundred and

fifty bucks maybe it's just the siren we

live in New York

okay so opt-in below then join it for

free and then get all the information

you need and then get started man just

sharing a picture of sharing a phone

number you can do it anybody can do it

so talk too soon right

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