Saturday, April 14, 2018

Does Automated Income Systems Work? Is Share The Number A Scam? Here's How To PROVE...

your question is does this business

opportunity work how much did the person

who referred me make have you made any

money yet

have you made any sales yet that is the

question that makes sense from my

consumer point of view because when you

buy a TV you want to know does it work

does it get the channels does it sound

right right this is puppy joy by the way

my name is bones Rodriguez I tried this

a second ago maybe I'll show you the

outtakes later and you would know that

if you were buying a lemonade stand kit

that came with lemons and sugar and

water and directions and a stand you

would know that it's up to you to make

it work then of course selling lemonade

works right so while you're looking at

this business opportunity and I've made

this video so anyone can use it why are

you looking at this business opportunity

don't ask does it work ask is it

something that you think you can make

work now 

here's part 2 of that right

because you might say well the way I

would know is if the person I know who

referred me if they're making money then

it probably works right and but maybe

they haven't yet here's a best way to

know if something works or if you're

already in a business opportunity and

it's not you know you haven't made any

money yet

here's the best way the proof that it

works ready you bought it or you you buy

it if you haven't yet then you buy it

and you have proven that it works

because you buying it proves that people

buy it right tadhana has your friend

made any money yet if you buy it they

did right so now it's a question of well

am I an idiot I don't know is the person

who brought before you an idiot

if so then just go find idiots like you

like me right so if you're looking at


video because I've shown you something

are you as dumb as me maybe you're

smarter maybe you're not right but are

you at least or I can you if you're

smarter can you at least find people as

dumb as me make sense

so if someone sent you a business

opportunity and it looks good but you're

just not sure about this and the other

one make sure you're not looking at it

from a consumer point of view right and

- do you think there are people as dumb

as you who might want to join it or

start it and guess what your friend is

not the first person in the company

right there are other people in the

company so the question is do you think

you can do whatever it is that you're

enroller did okay did they send you a

link did they give you a free product

whatever they did can you do that that's

your proof okay bye

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