Wednesday, April 18, 2018

What Are The Average Results for Automated Income Systems- How Much Mone...

What are the average results with Automated Income Systems, and how much money can I expect to make per month?

hey my name is bones Rodriguez I'm an

actor author entrepreneur and I have

been promoting automated income systems

now for a couple months and I've made

over thirteen thousand something like

that at this at this point and your

watches videos you want to know what the

average results are right and this is

what everybody says you know the average

result anything I talk about my results

are not typical okay they're not typical

therefore what is the typical result and

you want to know what the average result

is here are the averages as I have found

out so far I have I looked at the

averages and their each person who comes

each free member to you as they come in

your back office the average they

average out to be worth about 50 bucks

each to you after a while after a number

of people after a hundred two hundred

people three hundred folks though that's

what the average works out to be okay

what does the average person make in

automated income systems well I just

told you

each free member that comes in

is worth about 50 bucks to you so the

question is what is gonna be your

average so what does the average person

how much weight does the average person

lose going to the gym no no probably

nothing you know why because most people

join the gym and then don't go make

sense so what is your average gonna be

I'll tell you if you join at the higher

packages your ability to earn is bigger

right it's not more work though it's not

more work so the average result and what

the average person does is they join

they join don't look around don't do the

Facebook don't join the Facebook group

don't get any any other information and

go back to watching TV and being mad

that they got no money that's what the

average person does as I've said in

another video over like 200 folks there

well I've observed in the back office

something like 160 hundred seven a dude

zero right

those other people do it and so the

question is which one do you want to be

which average do you want to be the

average person who does nothing or the

average person who does something

because for the average person who does

something every free member in your back

office is worth something like 50 bucks

results not typical that's the average

that has worked out for me and I've seen

a couple other people's okay so your

average if you want to know before you

join what your ever what your results

are gonna be

here's what they are whatever you want

them to be based on your work ethic and

what you know okay the only difference

between what you want and what you have

is applied knowledge so as you get

knowledge you can decide whether or not

you're going to apply it I just gave you

some knowledge here's the knowledge I'm

gonna give you and you can either apply

it or not join up at the highest level

get in the facebook group share that

phone number in your promo code every

way that comes to your imagination even

if it's embarrassing because it'll be

worth it to you okay

click one of the videos if you want more

information or click below to get


I'm bones you can go to share the number

system calm I am bones Rodriguez talk to

you soon

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