Wednesday, April 18, 2018

What I Learned Making $10,000 w/ Automated Income Systems How To Make $1...

I didn't even know what happened but I

passed 10,000 bucks

with a is in commissions which is


and a profit by the way so that is

fantastic didn't even know what happened

I was kind of just looking around and I

realized oh I passed that which is I

mean I don't know about you but that's a

fantastic result so far for me and I

wanted to tell you why that is or some

things I have noticed on the way to

10,000 bucks right and the first thing I

noticed is that I and I've said this all

the time

my first week even though I promoted it

to people

nobody joined nobody bought any of the

lead packages and what I've learned now

is that people need time to kind of

digest and understand that it really is

this simple I think there's just this

thing of like it can't be that simple

and when I think about my own experience

you know I got it I understood within

pretty quickly I thought it was

brilliant when I first saw it I was like

oh that's a that's a unique selling

proposition you just share the phone

number and a promo code that is unique

and you can make how much money what are

the how high are the Commission's so I

understood that but I didn't actually

buy put my money down for a few days

why I don't know maybe because it was

1,500 bucks right so my first advice to

you on your way to building your AIS

business is to have a little bit of

patience because even one of my months

one of my months I made thirty five

fifty okay and and then you know I have

other businesses right so a is is not

like a full-time thing I promote it but

you know I do other things I take care

of my kids and you know stuff so I made

thirty five fifty and but when I looked

at it it was only for sales it was for

measly sales and two of them were each

25 bucks the other two though were

seventeen fifty each so it doesn't take

much to make a huge to end the

difference between those four people

I don't know I don't know I didn't do

anything different it was them you have

to let other people make their decision

for what they're going to join at so the

the two people who only joined the low

level I don't know I actually I do know

I know they're not promoting it at all

because they join at the lower level

right but the people who join at the

high level they are promoting it and

making money making sales right but

there was no difference in work for me I

just sent people to the phone number and

the promo code I also send people to

website now right I do that now of

course too because it's still the

Internet I love the the unique selling

proposition but like in an email I'll

also send the the link a link okay so

that's one of the things I wanted to

tell you so it's easy to get discouraged

or give up if you start at the lower

levels and like you promote it for a

couple days and no one joins it's easy

to be like oh I knew this wouldn't work

I knew this was bullshit meantime there

are plenty of people totally making

money because they just keep doing it

right that's the first thing second

thing is that you do it's better to

followup with folks right because they

might join and you know life gets in the

way something's on TV whatever but I

like sending a text hey I saw you joined

share the number do you want to make

money with us or were you just curious

please answer me this is really me the

people who answer back are extremely

likely to join right the people who

don't they want they're hiding or

they're scared that you're gonna do

something and they're not the right type

anyway the people who answer yeah yeah

is this thing for real you know hey yeah

have you made any money yeah I don't get

it you know it looked cool hey did you

join the Facebook group I saw all the

people making money that person's in

dude I'm saying people who actually

investigate will will join people who

kind of just like join up look around

and leave

they're gonna do nothing and stay

exactly with the same problem they had

before they went in right we're looking

for action takers people who have a

problem and want to solve it and know

that they have to do something to solve

it okay the third thing I want to

mention is that not everybody wants to

make money a lot of people want to have

an allowance everybody wants to have an

allowance I wasn't allowance right

everybody wants an allowance everybody

wants to have more money but not

everybody wants to make more right and

so are they willing to join the simplest

business in the world the simplest thing

and put a little bit of effort behind it

some for some the answer is yes for no

for others they just want to join and

and expect to make money without even

sharing the number okay by the way a

great number of my sales are literally

just posting one of the pictures of the

phone number with my promo code if

you're looking at this then you probably

know what I mean but like there are

pictures that are like hey stupid simple

system call this phone number and use

this promo code like just posting that

in on my own Facebook wall

okay people have joined just from my own

Facebook wall so if you're more popular

on Instagram or whatever posting that

picture will make it you can make sales

that way okay and the last thing the

10,000 is that here's the thing I really

really and this is this is almost a

spiritual thing like if you join at the

lower levels and you're wondering why

other people are kind of getting in the

business but not not joining any of them

it's because you have shown them not to

the reason why no one has bought a big

package in your business is because you

haven't bought a big package in your

business now it's not one hundred

percent because in my own you know

somebody I enrolled as a free member and

as a starter he made two

thousand dollar sales so it does happen

right but he only got a little bit of

money not enough to upgrade okay so if

you want to make those big sales you be

the first one and I made this error in

another business of mine I'll say it

empower network I was in empower network

I did not get the highest level in

partner because that was like no one's

buying this and if they are they're

dummies you know and I was wrong because

someone totally bought it and and I was

like damn I missed that Commission and

it was upsetting and I knew that if I

had I would have put more muscle behind

that make sense okay so you're hedging

your bets and that's why you're people

who who you enroll are also hedging

their bets if you if people join for

free and you text them hey do you do you

want to make money with us or not

you know do you have any questions and

they're like what level are you and

you're like starter they're like nothing

so that's it put a little effort behind

it and it'll work for you you just stay

in the Facebook group you'll see people

making sales and you can ask them hey

you know and they'll tell you for most

people it's just that it's the answer is

I don't know I'm sharing the phone I

don't know what I don't know where it's

coming from

that's for most people though so that's

been my results to ten thousand bucks

talk too soon click one of the things

around here and get more information

just get started

it can't be asked in if you can join for

free and look around how can it be a

scam right party soon

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