Wednesday, April 18, 2018

What To Expect When You Join Automated Income Systems

If you want to know what to expect when you join Automated Income Systems and Share The Number, this video will give you the review and the information you want!

okay so you want to know what to expect

when you join automated income systems

what to expect well you're gonna be able

to go in the back office and you're

going to and by the way you can just do

this by joining for free you get free

14-day trial anyway and you can make

money you can make up to ten you can

make ten dollars per sale when somebody

buys one of the packages you will make

ten dollars as a free member you have 14

days as a free member you can just go in

the back office and look but here's what

to expect you can go in the back office

there's a member video there that

explains how you do things you gotta

sign it you know some documents and show

a way from making way for people to pay

you and you see all your system they'll

have contacts there people who have

entered the system from your promo code

you can choose which pages you want to

come up or you can just leave it at is

as is and start promoting right which is

what I recommend and here's what to

expect okay because I have crossed over

ten thousand bucks and I know another

guy has gone over a hundred thousand

bucks and I noticed something about our

back offices

right mine only has about

two hundred folks that in the back there

right free members and paid members and

so if the law of the average of those

200 says that every person that goes in

that back office is worth about 50 bucks

to me cool right

it like every time there's a free member

that remember averages out to be fifty

bucks and that's cool and I saw on the

other guys thing he had about 2,000

people in there which means that his

average is about the same about the same

50 bucks per free member okay so let's

put that in your mind that's something

you can expect but here's the other

thing to expect over the 200 something

like a hundred and seventy-five 180 I

don't know are free members and didn't

do anything and left and disappeared

right and the other ones bought the

bigger package

I have a few people who bought at the

lower ones and then I have ones who

bought at the bigger packages and guess

what the ones the bigger packages make

all the difference right and guess what

else they work the hardest they have the

most other people in their business

right so that's what's - what to expect

here is what your enroller is going to

expect when you come through that you

are worth about 50 bucks are you gonna

be one of the zeros or one of the higher

ones right so when you join up and when

you decide on buying on which package

you're going to buy keep that in mind

which side of the average do you want to

end up on does that make sense do you

want end up on the successful side or

you want to be on the lower package side

and work your way up so look people work

their way up they do they do so if

you're focused if you're motivated if

you really like that then you can work

your way up I've found that a lot of

people don't because they don't risk

enough to feel like they need to work it

up okay so that's what to expect here's

the other thing to expect people take a

while before they purchase a package so

they might be in your back office for

free for a number of days before they

buy something because I just I haven't

come across the one who was like come in

and bought on the same time today I just

haven't that hasn't happened this

usually takes a couple days so that's

another thing to expect and here's

another thing to expect there are a

whole bunch of ways of marketing and one

of the things that successful is people

use text marketing and we kind of have a

we download the leads that you get when

you buy a package you download leads and

you can text them so if you're a

complete newbie beginner you can start

doing that the instant you get started

okay so um that's what to expect that

what you're doing is promoting a phone

number and a promo code or a website and

letting people make their decisions and

those decisions take a few days and some

people go for it now and some people

don't all right doctor soon

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